How Loyal Are Your Event Attendees? 4 Ways to Build Event Fanatics

November 25, 2022 Jessica Stewart

For New York event planners, landing an event client for one engagement is great. But landing a client with an annual event or a series of events to plan is a game-changer. So, when you do score a new client event with the potential for ongoing events, you have one chance to make a big impression. And the key to becoming the event planner for all those upcoming and ongoing events lies in your ability to turn event guests into fiercely loyal returning attendees. Here are the tips you need to boost event engagement so you can transform your invite list into fans!

1. Focus on Creating an Event Feeling

Whether you’re planning a corporate product launch, industry conference, or family bar/bat mitzvah, win your guests over by focusing on creating a feeling. The details in your designs and themes will inspire guests to feel happy, take action, or relax. So, make sure every layer of your event planning supports that core overarching feeling you’re looking to create. Attendee engagement is rooted in an emotional response, so use colors, music, entertainment, and menu selections to foster that positive emotional element.

2. Give Them Something to Talk About

Customized experiences drive enthusiasm. And you’ll need to give your event guests something new, exciting, or innovative to talk about and share. People just love new things almost as much as they love to brag about new things they experience. So, any opportunity you have to introduce an interactive element or immersive experience, do it. These might include:

  • DIY Food or Specialty Snack Stations
  • Crafting and Creative Corners
  • Innovative New Seating Arrangements
  • Engaging Technology, Like AR or VR
  • Big Name Performers or Guest Speakers
  • Cool Take-Home Swag or Door Prizes

3. Address All Their Questions Before They Ask

Event guests will only become fiercely loyal event fans if they know what to do, what to expect, and where to go for assistance. As the event planner, you can look to create online apps, email reminders, event websites, and parking maps to do just that. Provide all the information attendees need to know upfront and before they need to ask so they feel empowered and confident in attending. They’ll also be eager to help others find those details by sharing and directing their circles, too.

4. First and Last Impressions Are Key

Event planners know how important it is to make a fantastic first impression. Guests walk into a venue and should be blown away and feel as though they’re stepping into an entirely different world. But there’s more to it than that. And to really create fans out of attendees, you’ll want to prioritize both the first and last impressions. No matter what happens throughout the engagement, guests are more likely to remember and share what happened when they first experienced your wow factor. And they’ll remember how they felt when they left. Focus on the dazzle upfront and the key takeaways in the end, and your guests will be eager to come back to the next event.

If you’re looking for ways to turn your event clients into repeat clients and your event guests into fiercely loyal attendees, keep these tips in mind. And learn even more strategies for growing your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Be sure you’re on the waitlist now!

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