Start Doing These 5 Things to Increase Event Attendees

September 13, 2022 Jessica Stewart

One of the primary aspects of planning a successful event is the overall engagement. The more attendees you can get to arrive, the more successful your event will likely be perceived. And while you already have a strategy in place for spreading the word and building excitement about your event, here are a few tips to help increase attendance results.

1. Start Inviting & Advertising Early

If you want more guests to come to your New York event, you’ll need to start inviting guests and advertising your event early. Additionally, you’ll want to keep promoting the event in the weeks and days leading up to the big day. If you wait too long to announce or before you start sending invites or promoting the event, there will be scheduling conflicts that prevent some attendees from coming. And the sooner you can put the word out about the big engagement, conference, or trade show, the more time you have to build anticipation and excitement.

2. Build Anticipation & Excitement

No one wants to attend an event that doesn’t sound like fun or seems mediocre. To drive higher attendance rates to your New York event, promote and market it with enthusiasm to build anticipation and excitement. Use video where you can leverage the power of contagious excitement to attract guests. Messaging should consist of “exciting” words that signify fun, enjoyment, relaxation, and socializing. Dangle a few carrots, surprises that attendees will be compelled to come and see. And build on the FOMO elements.

3. Leverage Event Promoter Partnerships

If your event has exhibitors, sponsors, or partners, tap into that network to help spread the word about attending. Collaborate and launch campaigns that inspire more guests to come. You’ll have your network and audience. But your brand partners will be able to reach their networks, increasing the overall awareness of your New York conference or event.

4. Demonstrate Value & Key Takeaways

Everyone loves a good time, but remember, your guests will need to see some value in attending. As part of your effort to promote and advertise your event, lead with messaging that captures an alluring value proposition. Will your attendees learn something new? Will they get to meet keynote speakers or featured celebrities? Are there chances to win prizes or attendance gifts they’ll love? Find a few key takeaways from your event, and be sure your invite list knows what they can get when they attend.

5. Bring Top-Notch Entertainment

Whether it’s a corporate product launch party, trade show, company holiday party, or bar/bat mitzvah, you have to have top-notch entertainment. And you might opt for family-friendly entertainment options, like magicians or face painters, or celebrity speakers and well-known bands performing live shows. But whatever entertainment you book for the event, spread the word and make sure your invited guests know about it. They might be on the fence about attending, but when they see you’ve lined up a mentalist or popular DJ, they’ll RSVP right away.

Tap into some of these tips to increase attendance for your next event. And to network with other event planners and industry professionals about insights to improve your strategies, get on the waitlist now and get to The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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