Why Attendee Engagement Should Be Every Event Planner's Priority

March 1, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Event planning for any occasion, from corporate conferences to sweet 16 birthday parties, calls for one key priority - attendee engagement. None of the other details are going to matter if they don’t first contribute to the event guest’s experience. And now, more than ever, attendee engagement matters. Today, we'll go over why event engagement is so mission-critical to not only your special event but also to your event planning business.

Engagement & Experience Determine Event Success

Here’s the thing about events. No matter how brilliant the venue or stunning the decor is, if your guests aren’t having a good time, it’s not going to be a success. If they're bored, your event is boring. So, every element of your event should have a wow factor and entertainment value that contributes to each guest's experience. Look to tie those event planning details back to the attendee and through a lens of engagement factor. If it’s an element that doesn’t contribute to the excitement, it’s not worth having.

People Post & Share What They Love

When you use every event element in a way that impacts the guest experience, guests will rave about it! So, if you want your event attendees to brag about your event to others, including posting and sharing online, make it over-the-top exciting for them. Give them reasons to interact. Provide them with event elements that encourage them to have fun. And anything new or innovative they’ve never seen before is always going to have homerun results.

Guests Need to Be Dazzled

The most successful New York event planners today realize that the standard to-do list of event planning must-haves isn’t enough to boost attendee engagement. Today’s event-goers need more than just a mildly entertaining DJ. They expect more than a prime rib carving station. And their goodie bags of promotional materials better have more than just branded clicker pens. If you want your New York event to be a resounding success, you have to raise the bar every time. Look for elements that will jaw-drop your audience with the wow factor. Infuse your event with amenities that get the crowd buzzing with excitement. And any hands-on interactive aspects, including games, virtual reality stations, and build-your-own dessert bars, are always a dazzling hit.

Your Business Thrives on Positive Experiences

As a New York event planner, you aren’t just in the event business. You’re in the experience business. Without genius planning and coordination centered on attendee engagement, your events just won’t be that spectacular. And over time, those planners who master the art of wowing event guests will be those highly sought after. Your business depends on great events. Attendee engagement efforts ensure they’re always great events.

What are some of the insights you use when looking to boost attendee engagement with your events? Keep these tips in mind with each new event you coordinate this year. And for more inspiration on how to create revolutionary experiences for your event guests, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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