11 Brilliant Event Themes for Upscale & High-End Engagements

July 31, 2023 Desiree Homer

Some of the New York events you’ll plan as a professional will call for more elevated aesthetics and more upscale touches. And when you have a high-profile corporate event, fundraising gala, or soiree to coordinate, you’re going to need an equally upscale event theme. Today, we’ll drop some inspiration with some brilliant event themes that are suitable for those luxurious and upscale events. 

1. 007 James Bond

Transform your upscale event into a posh British spy adventure based on the styles and themes of 007.

2. 1920s Cabaret

Travel back in time for a costume party theme that has all the trademark touches of luxury, elegance, and 1920s Cabaret.

3. 60s Mad Men

Inspire guests to dream big and live big, like Don Draper, with a 60s Mad Men theme for your New York event.

4. Ancient Rome or Greece

Bring the looks and feels of the Roman or Greek empires to your NYC events with monoliths, vineyard designs, marble touches, and sprawling ivy.

5. Black & White Ball

Nothing is more elegant than a brilliantly contrasting black and white ball atmosphere for a stunning black-tie affair.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Tap into your inner Audrey Hepburn for an upscale event that immerses guests in a Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe.

7. Casino Night

High rollers and high steppers are welcome at an energetic yet luxurious event that feels like an authentic Las Vegas casino atmosphere.

8. Royal Red Carpet

Mute all your upscale event tones except for those that matter, which will be splashed in red. Think red carpets, red dresses on the runway, and red centerpieces.

9. Masquerade

Incorporate a modern mystique with your luxury fundraising gala or special event with a masquerade ball your guests will love.

10. Night at the Oscars

Nothing’s more upscale than the red carpet outside the Oscars, which can be recreated for your New York events and engagements. 

11. Cosmic Universe

Amaze your event guests with a starry night sky, stunning sprays of cosmic light, and an event vibe that makes them feel like they’re the center of the universe.

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