When Audiovisual Matters at Your Events, Call These 11 Top NYC Pros

June 13, 2023 Mario Stewart

As a New York event organizer, you rely on the expertise of event services professionals to create brilliantly memorable events. And when you’re looking to curate a fully-immersive engagement, you’re going to need stunning audiovisual components. Check out some of the latest in A/V technology trends. And then read on to see the top 11 audiovisual event services providers right here in New York City.

Audiovisual Event Trends to Know in 2023

Today's events, from family-centric mitzvahs to massive industry trade shows, are infused with all kinds of technology. The goal is to use brilliant tech as a way to create more resonating experiences for your event guests. And audiovisual solutions are the perfect tools for boosting entertainment value, creating lasting impressions, and curating fully immersive experiences that make events more meaningful. 

Today's event lighting goes beyond the traditional disco ball. And today's audio goes beyond great speakers on the dance floor. Look for these A/V trends and talk with your event services partners about tapping into more innovative ways to elevate all your events!

  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Augmented Reality Experiences 
  • Artificial Intelligence-Inspired Experiences
  • LED Walls & Room-Transforming Video Panels
  • Wearable Technology & Facial Recognition
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Projection Blend Display (Interactive Walls)
  • Second-Screen Technology for Presentations
  • 3D Holographic Visualiser
  • Kinetic Audiovisual Installation
  • Real-Time Social Media Wall Platform
  • Intelligent Lighting: Laser lighting with Moving Heads
  • Innovative 3D Projection Mapping
  • Interactive Mirrors
  • Multi-Gesture Technology

With these revolutionary A/V trends in mind, you can start exploring new partners to bring those elements to all your events and conferences. There's no shortage of event tech providers out there. But in New York City, these are the top audiovisual partners to consider!


When your event calls for world-class audio systems, you need Specialized Audio-Visual Inc., also known among event pros as SAVI. With 35 years of experience, SAVI is more than an A/V service provider. This team offers multifaceted production design services that transform an event venue into a magically immersive experience. Start exploring the complete roster of impressive and incredible tech that can elevate all your New York events in a BIG way!

SAVI Offers

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Design & Installation
  • Equipment Sales

2. Soundhouse NYC

With Soundhouse NYC, you get smart solutions and cutting-edge technology for all your events. This team is a one-stop shop for many New York event planners who need stunning turnkey A/V production. With more than a decade of experience, Soundhouse NYC is a top choice for big-name events and brands. Check them out online and see what their event clients and event planning partners say about these transformative experiences. 

Soundhouse NYC offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • DJ Equipment
  • Large Venue Projectors
  • LED Walls

3. Big Apple Event AV

Big Apple Event AV is the team behind countless movie premiers, state dinners, regional conferences, and brand events. This event services partner is a true asset for event planners who want to escalate their event experiences with seamless A/V. Enjoy modern audiovisual technology and top-notch partnership services. Bring the lights, sounds, and stage elements that bring the wow factor for all your event guests!

Big Apple Event AV offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Presentation & Video Walls
  • DJ Equipment

4. One Way Event Production

Check out the pros at One Way Event Production, where “hospitality and event technology meet!” New York event planners have come to trust the experts here who focus on delivering first-class service, exceptional technology, and effective process for bringing events and conferences to life. Specializing in conferences, experiential activations, social parties, and live events, this team knows how to bring all the best light and sound to an event experience.

One Way Event Production offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • LED Video Wall
  • Projections & Designs
  • Stadium Entertainment to Intimate Corporate A/V

5. Meeting Tomorrow

Discover all the A/V capabilities that the Meeting Tomorrow team can bring to all your New York events! Find all the necessary equipment and design elements you need to make your live, in-person, hybrid, or virtual events stunning. Whether you need a few microphones and a laptop or fully-immersive lighting and venue-wide event screens, Meeting Tomorrow has what your event needs.

Meeting Tomorrow offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Virtual & Hybrid Event Production
  • Nationwide Corporate A/V & Events

6. SolveTech Audio & Visual Event Management

Located in Brooklyn, SolveTech Audio & Visual Event Management is another incredible partner for event planners. Their team has more than 60 years of experience combined. And you’ll have the best engineering, logistical, and creative A/V minds in your corner. Don't just bring the tech. With SolveTech Audio & Visual Event Management, you get the masterminds and support to execute brilliant A/V elements. 

SolveTech Audio & Visual Event Management offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Sound Engineering & Designs
  • Technical Consulting & Support
  • Highly Qualified A/V Staff

7. AV Group Inc

AV Group Inc. is often hailed as “the best event production company in NYC.” With more than 20 years of A/V experience in producing live events, AV Group Inc. has all the expertise. But they also bring the high-quality technology, including LED walls, projections, stage design elements, and brilliant lighting solutions for any venue.

AV Group Inc. offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Event Designs
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Full-Service A/V 


For those New York event planners who have tighter budget constraints but don’t want to compromise quality - AV NYC is your go-to solution. Professional designs, expert knowledge, and next-level event A/V services without breaking the bank. This boutique event services partner is a great fit for those looking for more affordable yet still magical event A/V experiences.

AV NYC offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Conferences & Corporate
  • Equipment Sales 

9. ATD Audio Visual

If you visualize it, ATD Audio Visual will create it! Countless NYC event planners turn to ATD Audio Visual when they want over-the-top and jaw-dropping reactions from event guests. Big enough for festivals and film sets yet intimate-centric for weddings and special events, ATD Audio Visual is a top-choice partner in NYC.

ATD Audio Visual offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Concerts, Festivals & Fashion Shows
  • Projection Mapping & Presentations

10. Mickella Solutions

Another audiovisual partner you might consider for producing your New York events is Mickella Solutions. This team of experts has a full suite of A/V-related services, perfect for small, intimate meetings and large, expansive concerts. Offering A/V production, video streaming solutions, installations, and more, Mickella Solutions continues to be a great audiovisual partner for all your NYC events.

Mickella Solutions offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Installations & Designs
  • Technical Support

11. Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services

Rounding out this top 11 list of the best NYC has to offer in A/V event services is the brilliant team at Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services. Often called “New York City’s full-service” events partner in audiovisual, this crew of experts brings 30+ years of experience to every event design. From conception to execution, infuse your NYC engagements with mind-blowing visuals and audio technology!

Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services offers:

  • Live Event Production (Audio, Lighting, Video & Staging)
  • Qualified Technicians
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Installations & Designs Nationwide

Before Working with Any New Event Services Partner, Ask These Questions

Sometimes, your chosen venue has an in-house A/V service. But don't feel obligated to use them if it's not required. Look outside for specialized A/V providers who can take the lighting, video, audio, and staging elements to the next level. And when you're vetting new audiovisual partners, be sure to ask these questions first:

  • Does your company have experience with this type of event?
  • Have you worked with an event at this venue before?
  • Do you have event references from other event planners?
  • Will you designate a project manager on the day of the event?
  • How many are in your crew?
  • What are your primary communication channels for equipment support?
  • Can you share an official show flow or a cue-to-cue document?
  • What do you consider to be the latest event production trends and technology?

Be sure to verify your event services provider has all the required experience and licensing needed. Dive into the potential partner's online presence to verify active events and recent testimonials. Look for creativity in lighting and audio solutions. And when you're comfortable with the feedback and responses - prepare for some serious audiovisual wow factor at your upcoming events!

Find the Best Partners at The Event Planner Expo 2023

When audiovisual matters, explore the incredible solutions these top 11 A/V service providers have to offer. And to meet new strategic partners for your event planning business, make sure you get in the room with the thousands of providers and professionals at The Event Planner Expo 2023! It's the #1 events industry conference, and it attracts the best of the best from all over the world! Find new partners. Discover emerging trends. And take your event planning brand to the absolute next level! Tickets and exhibitor space are available NOW!

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