Corporate Event Themes for Creative Inspiration

June 12, 2023 Desiree Homer

As an NYC event planner, you’re always up for some creative ideas and event theme inspiration. And if you’re regularly planning corporate events, this is the BIG idea list you need to see. From team-building events and company parties to product launch events and industry conferences, prepare to wow your guests with these incredible event themes. Incorporate one of these adventures into your next company party, or get creatively inspired to produce your own unique version of something similar!

Flashback to the 80s

Decade-themed events are always fun because guests, even C-level corporate professionals, love nostalgia. But with the increased exposure of Stranger Things and other 80s pop culture phenoms, going with an 80s-themed corporate event is going to be fun for everyone. Scrunchie socks are welcome, along with side ponytails. Imagine wait staff on roller skates and a playlist of 80s chart-topping favorites. 

Circus & Carnival Fun

Transform your corporate event venue into a “festivale” or cirque-styled adventure. Think vibrant colors, a big top, some incredible circus performers, and maybe even an elephant! 

Intergalactic Adventure

Make your corporate event an “out of this world” adventure with universe, intergalactic, or space-related themes. Big company goals go well with planet-sized designs. And there are so many cool aesthetics you can introduce, including signature moon drinks and starry stage elements. 

Casino Lights & Bling

Bling, blackjack, and elevated experiences always accompany a great Las Vegas-themed or casino-designed corporate event. Get creative with entertainment options and activations that include unofficial gambling activities. Encourage guests to throw the dice, have some fun, and try the signature “queen of hearts” cocktail.

Hollywood Red Carpet

Think movies, pop culture, and night at the Oscars when you roll out the red carpet for a Hollywood blockbuster corporate event. Hire some mock paparazzi and encourage formal attire for the most fun. These are perfect themes for those company events that involve awards and stage presentations. And they're always great for selfie stardom, upscale dinner services, and high-energy dancefloor entertainment, too. 

Under the Sea Exploration

Immerse your corporate event guests into an underwater adventure with a deep sea dive or under-the-sea theme. Imagine coral reef designs, cascading bubbles, and brilliant video production featuring mesmerizing schools of fish. Stunning starfish, beachy fun, and mermaid adventures can all bring tidal waves of fun to any company celebration or gathering.

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