5 Design & Decor Mistakes to Avoid with Your Events

May 22, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Let’s be honest. There’s never a shortage of “best practices” advice out there for event planners looking for inspiration about event design and decor. There’s literally a top 10 list for everything, too. Do this. Make sure your event has that. And sometimes, what you really need as an event planner, is a checklist of what NOT to do. It’s easy to run through a quick list of mistakes to avoid and still come out ahead with engaging and memorable event designs. This is that list of avoidable faux pas to make sure you’re taking all the right steps toward curating an incredible New York event.

1. Forgetting to Coordinate Every Aesthetic

As an event planner, you’re a master juggler of tasks and to-do lists. But it’s easy to sometimes overlook certain event design aesthetics or elements. And doing so means potentially undermining your overarching event experience. Consider conducting a final walkthrough to confirm that every balloon, light, centerpiece, entryway, stage design, or entrance decor is accounted for and brilliantly set for the event.

2. Assuming the New York Venue Lighting Is Sufficient

There isn’t a “bad” New York venue, and most any event space you book is going to have some lighting components to work with in creating your events. But don’t make the mistake of relying solely on a venue’s capabilities for lighting (or sound, for that matter,) and talk with them about trialing the light before the event. You might be better serviced by hiring a lighting designer to really elevate your event lighting properly.

3. Combining Event Design Elements That Don’t Jive

Make sure your corporate event or social celebration has consistency throughout its designs and decor in conjunction with the event theme or brand. For example, if you’re planning a rustic country ambiance, you don’t want to have modern chic elements. If you’re planning a Hollywood theme, pastel spring baskets aren’t going to be the best table centerpiece. Look around and check your lists. Verify that every design element supports the other in creating a consistent guest experience.

4. Not Finalizing a Color Palette

In your mind, some colors might blend well and pop beautifully at an event. But it’s best not to guess, especially since colors with slight shade variations can throw off an entire backdrop. Commit to a color palette up front with your event clients and share those precise colors with any event vendors, including marketing, floral, and the venue. Keeping to a precise palette of colors ensures you don’t inadvertently clash or mismatch your event’s aesthetics.

5. Going with Too Much or Too Little

There’s a quantity issue and a quality issue. And event planners are keen to keep to the budget, sometimes overlooking instances of overdoing it or undergoing it. Be mindful of floral arrangements, balloons, lighting, and other decor to find balance. Balance the “amount” along with quality and quantity throughout your event space. 

Refine your event planning checklists to include this list of design mistakes to avoid. And get your tickets NOW for The Event Planner Expo 2023 so you can find all the inspiration you need to grow your business, land more event clients, and curate amazing events!

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