It's Cherry Blossom Season! How Floral Elements Can Significantly Boost Your Event Designs

May 15, 2023 Jessica Stewart

It’s Cherry Blossom season in New York City, and you can’t help but stop and enjoy the beautiful views and aromas. It’s also a reminder to event planners just how important the right floral designs can enhance event engagement. See how a great florist can elevate your event and significantly boost your designs! And start finding new ways to incorporate floral elements into every event.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements Inspire Happiness

Flowers and plants of any variety just inspire happiness. Fresh arrangements at your event, whether as decors or centerpieces, can be a great method for laying in extra “happy vibes” throughout your event venue. Guests will remark and notice, and they might even feel obliged to take pictures and selfies near beautiful arrangements. 

Great Florals Relieve Stress

Stunning florals at your event can also subtly relieve stress. And since you’re likely creating a fun, exciting, and relaxing atmosphere, stress relief is a must. Bring in the floral arrangements as another relaxing element to boost positive engagement among your guests.

Vibrant Colors Can Evoke Energy

Flowers are great customizable elements to bring accents or leading colors to your event. Tie in color patterns and introduce vibrant flower colors to inspire energy. You can find a floral design to match nearly every event theme, layout, and decor. Use flowers to accent in an energizing way.

Aromas Can Engage the Senses

Event planners seek to create fully immersive experiences that appeal to all the senses. Looks, feels, and tastes are important contributing factors to an event experience. And beautiful floral arrangements can introduce incredible aromas guests love. Consider staging incredible arrangements of flowers that offer sweet and naturally-pleasing aromas.

Flowers Can Dress Up Any Space

As an event planner, you can always use a great solution for filling in design gaps. Flowers can be your flexible, fits-anywhere design fix. Floral arrangements, even smaller versions, can spruce up a dessert table or swag booth. A stunning arrangement can dress up a bland-looking corner and breathe life into a VIP networking lounge

Event planners can rely on incredible floral arrangements to boost the designs and decor of any event. And if you need to find great florist partners, make sure you get tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s the #1 Events Industry trade show and your best opportunity to meet and discover amazing event partners - especially on the trade show floor on day three! Get tickets now for yourself and your teams!

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