6 Elements of Stunning Event Branding & Design

August 4, 2023 Jessica Stewart

There’s coordinating an event, and then there’s curating a stunning event chock-full of aesthetically pleasing event designs and brilliant event branding. To really elevate your event production and services, it’s best to boost your event branding and design game. And there are emerging trends in event designs that you'll want to explore. Today, we’ll share what some of the most successful New York event planners suggest are the core elements of every stunning event. 

1. The Foundations of Any Event Brand

When coordinating a corporate event, you’ll want to infuse every aspect of the engagement with the company’s brand. And that means finding unique ways to incorporate the brand’s logo, colors, distinct fonts, slogan, and graphics. These elements are the brand’s essential DNA. And they’ll help you, as the event planner, to tell a story and weave brand identity into the event’s design. You want every invited guest to immediately recognize the brand at the center of the event.

2. Stunning Event Designs Begin with the Venue

As you look to bring a corporate event design to life, you’ll first need a perfect-fit canvas. For event planners, the venue is your canvas. You’ll want to keep your event theme, brand image, and event goals in mind as you vet and select a venue. Look for ideal spaces needed to create memorable experiences. And these might include fully-immersive audiovisual and stage options, floor plan flexibility, and more private networking lounges. Allow for enough space for guests to move comfortably, engaging with each other as well as activations. Venue amenities are important, too, including parking, hospitality accommodations, restrooms, and entryways. 

3. Event Designing with Elegant Lines

Stunning event designs are such that inspire subtle feelings, great first impressions, and overall event perception. Getting creative with elegant lines can help you do just that. Make a small space feel larger or draw visual attention to a focal point in the room using lines. 

  • Create vertical lines using drapery, hanging decor, or wall hangings.
  • Create horizontal lines with floor lighting or table covers.
  • Create dynamic curved lines with signage, lighting, or decor.

4. Brilliant Events Have Brilliant Forms and Shapes

The most stunning events, both corporate and social, have elements of unique forms and shapes that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the engagement. Bring or create statement pieces, for example, that get people talking. Adjust proportions and scale, like big impact with big activations. And make your event transformative with the event and brand designs at the entrance, making guests feel like they’re stepping into another world.

5. Light Is Key with Any Event Design

Event planners can get really creative with lighting. Direct guest attention, showcase a beautiful dessert table or bring the dance floor to life with excitement. Adjust the mood, influence the flow of traffic, or infuse emotions with just the right event design lighting.

  • Illuminate bar areas, podiums, or staged table settings.
  • Use LED strips to mark walkways and paths.
  • Paint your venue walls with “wash lights” that liken artwork.
  • Create lighted patterns and designs on the ceilings or walls.
  • Use uplighting to make spaces more open and expansive.

6. Colors and Textures Invite Emotional Responses

Veteran event planners will suggest that colors and textures are some of the best elements for creating memorable event experiences. Color schemes should align with the brand but can also be creatively incorporated throughout the event venue. Make certain displays or focal points pop with bright colors. Inspire calming and relaxed tones in a networking lounge using subdued colors. And don’t forget to tap into the power of touch with textures that contribute to your event experience, too. Textures with your seating as well as visual textures, like a simulated brick wall, can bring unique emotional responses.

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