Why Unique Venues Produce One-of-a-Kind Events

February 3, 2019 Erica Maurer

Staying consistent is the key to attaining victory in the event planning industry.

Recent event trends are showing a high demand for new, “out of the ballroom” experiences.

Clients are no longer interested in the run-of-the-mill, typical event experiences and their expectations to use unique venues for events are at an all-time high.

Producing a unique experience, over and over for every single client can become challenging. Selecting just the right venues for events is usually the first and also one of the most significant components in working well with clients.

Leading with unique venues for events is now not only critical but is also expected to wow your clients and earn their business. A virtuous approach for invigorating your imaginative flow when your well is running dry is to rely on venues for events that are non-traditional.

3 Types of Unique Venues

1. Blank Slate Beginnings

Using transformed, modernized, raw, industrial venues for events such as a warehouse space is gaining momentum in numerous event venue markets. Choosing these types of venues for events can spark innovative ideas because you can view them as a blank canvas and start designing your event from scratch. So long as it’s the right size and of the right dimensions, you can really plan a masterpiece.

2. Curated Homes

A lot of collective expert design effort goes into curating a home. A lot of high-end homes are only used by the owner during part of the year. Some of those owners are resourceful and have opened their home for short-term rental for times when they are not in use.

Event Planners in New York are using curating homes because these types of venues for events are stylish, unique and they are a facilitator for further concepts. Since these venues for events are actually living spaces, they often inspire a feeling of comfort and intimacy, which leads to more pleasurable event experiences for your guests.

3. Think Outside the Ballroom

Evolving technology and shared space platforms have paved the way for exclusive space options that are outside of the spectrum. Typical venues for events sometimes inadvertently lead to circumstances where guests are talking mostly with themselves or the guests that are seated nearby.

Selecting an open gallery space, outdoor rooftop, or converted city apartment will deliver an atmosphere that boosts socialization, mingling, and conversation. These possibilities are perfect for a gathering of associates, networking event, informal meeting, or corporate mixer.

Now that we’ve covered a few types of unique venues for events, it’s time to get creative

Here are a couple of strategies for refreshing your creative flow when selecting unique venues for events:

Creative Collaboration

Collaborators that work with non-traditional venues for events are usually very skilled, passionate, cooperative, and knowledgeable. Since they’ve often entered the rental market through unconventional channels, they tend to be extremely creative people.

Usually, they are or have contact with skilled artists and design specialists. They’re inclined to collaborate with event planners in New York to create one-of-a-kind experiences for events, and they know what is cutting-edge and what wouldn’t work well.

Hack into Your Creativity

Evolving tech-based platforms deliver an effortless and pleasurable experience in scanning from option to option in the chosen geographical area.

When you’re running out of innovative or creative ideas for an event, it’s wise that you see what type of event tech will provide you with interesting and new concepts. Maybe the sectional floorplan of that fun co-working space you found is perfect for presenting immersive elements for a launch party you’re planning. Or maybe the natural light shaped by those enormous bay windows in the remodeled Pre-War building you sourced out. The point is between innovative tech tools for events and pulling ideas from things you’ve seen around you, there are a multitude of ways to hack into your creativity.

It’s also important to stay up to date with event pros and you can do so by attending The Event Planner Expo each year. Vendors in the exhibit hall will show you all of their latest concepts so that you can keep them in mind when planning one-of-a-kind events.

Do you own or manage a unique venue that can be used for planning one-of-a-kind events? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact our event planning team to learn how we can help you collaborate with the top Event Planners in New York.


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