5 Inexpensive Event Design Ideas That Will Wow Your Attendees

February 14, 2019 Erica Maurer

From the moment a guest enters the door at a venue, the event design will make an impact. Many NYC Event Planners spend an immense amount of money on event design ideas that are visually stunning. However, not all planners have the luxury of a budget that will allow their creativity to flow at will.

So how can you still pack a punch while keeping a close eye on the event design expenses? The following tips will get your creative juices flowing to help you design a space that is sure to wow your attendees at the next event.

1. Creative Event Design Layout

When you visit the venue you’ve selected for an event for the first time, begin brainstorming creative event design ideas that will work well with the space. Sometimes the more conventional layouts leave a lot to be desired but with a little creativity you can significantly improve the design of your event.

2. Unique Seating

Everyone needs to sit at your event, right? Just because the client chose a traditional wedding or meeting it doesn’t mean that the seats have to be boring. Chairs can be an excellent way to add spark to your event design while serving a purpose.

  • The way you arrange the chairs is an easy way to change things up. Some wedding ceremonies utilize “seating in the round” which is when you surround the couple as they take their vows. You can also make this work with a center stage at a presentation.
  • Another very prevalent trend to get your guests more engaged, is to utilize family style seating. A lot of restaurants are leaning towards this style of seating which also works well for events.
  • Additionally, you can get creative in the style of chair you use. Maybe you want to use picnic tables or hay bales at an outdoor event. Also, renting elongated benches to avoid having hundreds of chairs, can go a long way!

3. Use of Color in Your Event Design

The use of color in your event design is an integral part of impressing your attendees. Many NYC Event Planners use colorful flowers to integrate color. Try to find creative event design ideas using colorful items such as the linen, chairs, plates, skirting, etc. You can also add color to the lighting to transform the space!

4. Food Displays

Be sure to make good use of your food display when creating a unique event design for your guests. Food can often be a work of art in itself! Edible items can be converted into an artistic display on the service line or on each table as a unique centerpiece. Beautiful food arrangements can add an exciting element to your event design.

5. Utilize Local Artwork or Photography

Another cost-effective way to add a real visual impact to your event design is through an art display. Large displays can sometimes get expensive, but if you reach out to local, up-and-coming artists you can usually work out a great deal.


Planning your event design is one of the most exciting parts of being a NYC Event Planner. It allows you to work outside of your typical to do list and truly get creative.

There are endless event design ideas displayed at The Event Planner Expo each year, so be sure to get your tickets to attend so you can expand your creativity in event design.


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