5 Types of NYC Events That Call for High-Energy DJs

December 8, 2023 Desiree Homer

Event planners have multi-task checklists to get through with every New York City event they curate. Event entertainment is likely at the top of those lists. There are many different routes to go when it comes to choosing what’s best for entertaining the event audience you’re attracting. But one of the most universal entertainment options, and a true crowd-pleaser, is the music. If your next event calls for a high-energy host, a DJ is the way to go. These professionals elevate any party to a level that’s hard to replicate. 

DJs bring professional experience, heart-pumping tunes, and public speaking skills to keep the flow of the party going. They’ll have proper equipment and a high-quality sound system that ensures everyone enjoys a fully immersive musical experience. They have experience working with any crowd of any size. They can accommodate fun and casual social events. But they can also switch gears and bring VIP-level professionalism to any corporate events. Having a high-energy DJ service at the mic is a great fit for all types of New York events. 

1. Milestone Birthdays & Anniversary Celebrations

Birthdays and anniversary parties are the perfect way to celebrate family and friends. Family and close friends gather together to create memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to take that milestone party up a notch than to have a DJ spinning your favorite songs so you can dance the night away? Because these types of parties usually have a range of ages attending, a DJ can help with their expansive variety of music. Old music, new music, and everything in between. Your guests are sure to hear some of their favorites!

2. Corporate Events & Conferences

Whether you’re curating a client's smaller and more intimate corporate event or a larger and more formal conference, a DJ is an appropriate hire. A high-energy DJ can create a fun and relaxed event atmosphere or spice up a dance floor to get corporate event guests out of their seats. A DJ can also take the pressure off those hosting by serving as the event's interim emcee. A blend of the right music, a great party flow, and professional etiquette from your DJ, and all your corporate event guests are going to have a blast.

3. Product Launches 

Product launches are supposed to be high-energy and exciting as your event client's goal is to generate buzz about a new product or service. DJs are the perfect hosts for these events because they're masters at elevating the energy level of any crowd or atmosphere. They can also customize their itineraries to incorporate information about the product throughout the event. A DJ isn’t only your event entertainment but also a product promoter. It’s a win/win!

4. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Teen Milestones

Teenagers can certainly be a tough crowd to please, and when it comes to their big milestones, they only want the best. Whether you’re planning a mitzvah, a sweet sixteen party, or any other party with a venue full of teenagers, event entertainment is priority #1. Hiring a DJ is essential. They can customize music selection, interact with the crowd, and keep the flow of the party moving. Additionally, a DJ can work with other vendors, such as photographers and videographers, to make sure the night is executed to perfection. 

5. Company Office Parties

The days of stale office parties are a thing of the past. Companies are hosting more fun and energetic parties so their employees can let loose and have a good time. DJs have the unique ability to adapt to many different kinds of company celebrations. And event planners can work with a DJ on what their client's vision entails for the office party. From team-building events and award parties to summer outings and year-end holiday parties, DJs bring the dance floor to life and keep the energy of the party elevated for non-stop fun. No matter what, guests are going to have a great time!

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