6 Reasons Event Entertainment Might Be the Most Important Part of Your Event

April 10, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As an event planner in New York, your schedules are dictated by checklists. There are caterers to book, venues to see, and florists to coordinate. And as you bustle around checking off your tasks, you’ll also have to decide on event entertainment. 

You already know just how important it is to make the best-fit selections for entertainment. You may not know, however, that your party depends on the excitement and energy the right entertainment brings to an event experience. Here are a select few reasons to spend a little extra time choosing the right (and best) entertainment for your New York events every time.

1. Entertainment Can Set the Right Ambiance

When you select a performer of any kind, you can look to book someone to help set or complement the ambiance of your event. Don’t just invite guests into a sprawling venue. Welcome them with impressive chamber music or a pianist. Don’t just celebrate a milestone birthday when you can amplify the celebration with a live band. Look to your event entertainment to elevate your event atmosphere.

2. Entertainment Will Engage Guests

Even with the most brilliant event designs and stunning venues, your guests will still need to be engaged from start to finish. Corporate events with stage presentations won’t be enough. Traditional social events with buffet lines, sprawling table settings, and organized table registrations won’t be enough either. Look to your entertainment elements to be engaging beyond all those other event must-haves. Comedians can keep an audience laughing. DJs can keep audiences dancing. And celebrity guest speakers can keep guests star-struck. Those engaging responses are what determine the overall success of your event.

3. Entertainment Can Reflect Your Event Values

Choose event entertainment that reflects your event’s core values, elevating the event’s impression. Company events, for example, should have entertainment that rings true with the company image. Who you book to entertain should match the purpose of the event, too, offering an aesthetic solution for welcoming guests. Make sure your entertainment delivers in line with your value proposition; otherwise, your guests will feel out of place, confused, or uncomfortable.

4. Entertainment Keep Event Energy High

As an event planner, look to book event entertainment that keeps your event energy high. Guests will be more likely to socialize, have fun, and network when they have engaging and spirited entertainment. Use an entertainer to surge excitement and fun into your crowd. 

5. Entertainment Can Break the Ice

Some events bring people together who’ve never met before or maybe who don’t know each other well. Your job is to create an atmosphere that is conducive to engagement and a relaxed connection to break the ice in those uncomfortable moments. The right band, performer, or stage entertainer can break the ice early, ensuring everyone feels comfortable engaging and networking. 

6. Entertainment Can Overshadow Event Setbacks

When you look at your event planning checklist, you realize that some of those to-dos, despite your best efforts, may fall short on the big day. Challenges arise, and hiccups happen that are beyond your event planning control. But your event guests won’t mind those minor setbacks when they have an incredibly fun time because of a brilliant entertainment element. If the meal service is slightly delayed or your audiovisual equipment experiences technical difficulties, your event guests will forget all about it if they’re engaged with a top-notch live band, a jaw-dropping magician, or a hilarious comedian.

When you put together your event planning to-do lists, put an asterisk next to entertainment. It’s not only important to your event, but it’s also downright mission-critical. Keep these advantages in mind before booking your event’s entertainment. And for more insights to help you improve your event planning techniques, get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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