7 Kid-Friendly Event Entertainment Ideas for Social Celebrations

June 5, 2023 Jessica Stewart

When you’re event planning a social event, whether it’s a mitzvah, anniversary party, or milestone birthday, there’s a chance children will be in attendance. And your event client expects you as the event planner to know just what to do to entertain everyone, including the little ones. And for tiny-tot entertainment ideas, keep reading. We’ll share fun and exciting event services and activities you can introduce at every social event with children.

1. Inflatables or Bounce Houses

One surefire way to entertain your event’s tiniest guests is with the fun and excitement of a bounce house or inflatable activity. Yes, these are ideal for outdoor social events. But some indoor venues may allow for smaller, similar activities. Be sure to have ample staff on hand to supervise the vendor and watch for best safety practices. But let the kids burn off some energy and bounce away.

2. Face Painting

Event planners can always bring in face-painting professionals for any event entertainment option. But they’re especially fun for children who may not otherwise feel engaged as an adult-filled social event. Have designs and glitter extras that speak to the age-appropriateness of your event’s kids. Teens might want something different from unicorns and glitter cat whiskers. 

3. Spin Arts and Crafts

Consider introducing kid-friendly entertainment in the form of arts and crafts stations at your social event. Maybe corner off a segment of your venue that is all about the littles, offering a series of craft tables or spin arts with hands-on activities. These are great for providing fun and educational options.

4. Balloon Artists

You can’t go wrong when you’re able to bring in balloon artists or clown performers for child-friendly entertainment. There are a host of event services providers in NYC with balloon artistry talents. And they’re great for engaging the kids and sharing finished balloon art that the littles can then play with and enjoy.

5. Magicians

Your New York social event might already have a mainstage performer designed to entertain your event adults. But you can also create a side stage for the kids, complete with their own kid-friendly performers in the form of awe-inspiring magicians. The kids will ooooh and ahhhh with every act. And magic captivates anyone, should any of your adult guests be interested in checking out the magic show, too.

6. Sand Art Stations

Kinetic sand stations are incredibly fun for hands-on learning and creativity. Bringing them into your social event will be a great addition to entertaining your pint-sized child guests. These stations often come with staff supervisors, guiding activities, and fun with interactive physics elements, occupying the littles for hours.

7. Games with Kid-Friendly Prizes

Depending on the creative theme and nature of your New York social event, you might be able to introduce fun games and prizes for the kids. Maybe a kid-friendly escape room makes sense or a venue-wide scavenger hunt. Get creative with developing games that are age-appropriate. And be sure to have fun and exciting prizes for the participants and winners.

When you’re planning a social event that includes children on the invite list, keep these event services in mind as great methods of entertainment for them. And learn more insights about curating memorable and captivating events for all ages by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Tickets are available, and exhibitor booth space is also available - so act fast!

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