Live Band or DJ: A Must-See Event Planning Comparison

January 10, 2024 Jessica Stewart

It’s time to start planning your next New York City event, and the event entertainment considerations are crucial to its success. Event planners have a long list of tasks to get through, and deciding on the best entertainment for your particular party can be a challenge. Hiring a musical professional is always a popular route to go, and music will elevate any event. These artists are hired for all types of events, from milestone celebrations, reunions, family gatherings, and corporate events. The question becomes whether to hire a DJ or a live band, and that is completely dependent on a number of considerations. 

DJ or Live Band?

It’s important to ask yourself some questions and then decide from there which will be best for your party. Every party or event is different, and the expectations for them vary. It’s a personal decision that’s best done with research and an understanding of what your vision is for your event.

What Music Entertainment Best Suits the Crowd at Your Event?

DJs and live bands offer many options for their clients, and while there is some crossover, each one will make your party feel considerably different. It’s good to figure out which option will best entertain the crowd you’re planning to entertain. 

DJs have all different kinds of music right at their fingertips. Country, rock, rap, and more. They bring a wide variety of music that’s easy to please any crowd of all ages. They can take any number of requests for all music genres, and their vast selection will be a true crowd-pleaser.

Live bands can have a more limited song selection but can feel more personal because of their crowd interaction. They will definitely be putting on a show! If the event you’re planning for is tied to a specific music style, a live band is a great option. Whether you’re looking for a cover band, jazz band, dance band, or punk band, they’ll all bring the fun and will cater to the music style you’re looking for to infuse your events with musical vibes.

What is the Budget?

Figuring out what your event entertainment budget is will help you narrow down what options are available to you. Generally speaking, DJs are more affordable than live bands. That does not mean their entertainment isn’t as good as a live band. Mainly, it has to do with the number of people you’re paying. Some DJs also offer extras, including lighting packages, projectors, and karaoke services, for an additional cost.

If you’re set on a live band, you’ll need to adjust your overall budget accordingly. Additional costs can come up with a live band, depending on the venue and what’s available for the band to use. Keep in mind that if the musicians have to travel to your event, you may get multiple hotel room requests as well. 

What Space Allowances Are at the Venue?

The amount of space your event venue has designated for entertainment can be a deciding factor in what musical option you go with for your events. Venues can sometimes put restrictions on how much equipment can be brought in. It’s important to check with your venue about any restrictions or additional costs that may come up regarding your entertainment.  

DJs need less space than live bands, so if your space is limited, a DJ is the way to go. DJs usually only need to bring a power amp, some speakers, and a laptop to work their magic. Live bands need more space for their stage, instruments, amps, and musicians. Consider how the entertainment fits into the space at your venue.

What is the Vibe You’re Curating?

Different types of events have different vibes. A mitzvah is going to feel very different from a corporate event, just like a wedding isn’t going to have the same feel as a retirement party. Your music selection should reflect how you’re trying to make your guests feel. 

DJs are great at easily changing energy levels based on what is happening at any given time because their music selection allows for that. Live bands bring high energy and a wow factor that’s hard to replicate. Once you know the tone and tenor of the crowd you’re planning for, it will make choosing an option that much easier.

Still Can’t Decide? Check Out a Fusion DJ!

Fusion DJs are becoming a popular trend in the entertainment business, and they’re taking DJing to the next level. These entertainers will bring you the best of both worlds. The DJ is the central focus, with additional musicians playing instruments to complement and enhance the music the DJ is playing. It’s completely unique and innovative and will create a memorable experience for your guests. 

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