What Your Corporate Event Guests Really Want in Entertainment

August 10, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Event entertainment is a mission-critical element of producing any event. But when event planners curate high-profile corporate events in New York, event entertainment can make or break your success. Go beyond the basics when it comes to entertaining your corporate event guests. And explore these insights into understanding what it is your guests really want in a NYC company party or corporate event today. Include these entertaining experiences, and you’re sure to wow your attendees and event clients in a big way!

They Want to Have Fun

Your corporate event attendees may be in the room because it’s a work-related engagement they have to attend. But that doesn’t mean they expect the entire experience to be all work and no play. They want to have some fun while they’re there. And as the event planner, it’s your job to infuse as much fun and excitement into every experience. This might include…

  • Live music and a dance floor
  • Chamber music or soloists as side performers
  • Talented mixologists slinging drinks at the bar
  • Baristas crafting artwork with every latte
  • Human models as decor or aesthetics

They Want to Experience Something New

Consider innovating at your next New York corporate event by bringing in event entertainment or activations that offer something new. Your guests want to see or experience something they’ve never seen or experienced before. So, get creative and innovative with these fun and exciting event entertainment elements…

  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Virtual reality experiences
  • Hands-on gamification fun
  • Escape room challenges
  • Temporary tattoo stations

They Want to Be Dazzled

Don’t just make it fun; bring the wow factor! Your corporate event guests expect some degree of over-the-top aesthetics and entertainment. And you can dazzle them with all kinds of great engagements, including…

  • Celebrity guest appearances
  • High-profile keynote speakers
  • Incredible magicians or mentalists
  • Exclusive dance performances
  • Art displays or activations 

They Want to Be A Part of Something ‘Shareable’

Deliver what your corporate event guests really want - a shareable moment. Today, people are always looking for reasons to take the selfie, showcase what they’re doing, and promote exciting happenings in their lives. Look for ways to deliver those experiences at your event. Consider these ways to inspire social sharing among your event guests…

  • Create brilliant backdrops and selfie opportunities
  • Include fun and hilarious props for photo and video booths
  • Have speaker and celebrity guest meet and greets
  • Give away door prizes or high-end swag

They Want to Feel Something

Your corporate event guests don’t just want to attend the engagement. They want to feel connected to it or bettered by it. Your job as the event planner is to include elements that inspire feelings, whether it’s learning, energy, or relaxation. Use these experiences and ideas to boost how you connect your event to each and every one of your attendees…

  • Mood-setting music
  • Brilliant lighting that inspires relaxation or energy
  • Loads of learning experiences
  • Signature cocktails or specialty menu options
  • Engaging audiovisual aesthetics

Make sure every element of entertainment at your corporate events include these attendee wish-list sentiments. Deliver what your event guests really want, and you’ll have an over-the-top event experience they’ll never forget. Learn more about event entertainment ideas and find all the inspiration you need to boost your event planning services and business results at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Get tickets and get in the room with thousands of top industry professionals and influencers for three full days of high-energy networking!

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