10 Ways to Prioritize Your Health As a Busy NYC Event Planner

April 3, 2024 Jessica Stewart

Event planners in New York City are extremely busy. There’s an incredible amount of tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. You’re meeting with clients, coming up with budgets, booking venues and vendors, soliciting bids, negotiating contracts, and so much more! It’s easy to prioritize your career over yourself, but self-care is a necessity for overall happiness and health. Finding the right balance between the demands of your career and prioritizing your own health can be a challenge. You may not know where to start, but we’re here to help!

Why It’s Important to Prioritize Your Health

Overall health encompasses a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors. Each aspect should be focused on and nurtured in order to contribute to your overall health and well being. Work can dominate your time and energy which can lead to poor health decisions like unhealthy food choices, skipping out on physical activity, and not taking time for yourself. 

Sometimes, it’s the simple tasks we skip out on or put on the back burner, but recognizing what can help contribute to your overall health and how to incorporate those habits into everyday life is essential to a healthier you!

1. Build Habits and Stick to Schedules

Building everyday habits and sticking to a schedule may seem easier said than done, but it can greatly improve your event planning productivity and reduce stress. Start first thing in the morning with a solid morning routine, a workout schedule, meal planning, a set bedtime, and sticking to a schedule during your workday. Consistent routines can help you streamline tasks, allocate your time more effectively, and create a sense of stability in your everyday life. 

2. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is absolutely vital - to your business as well as your physical and mental health. During sleep, your body repairs itself. Sleep also lowers the risk of diseases while boosting your immune system. Sleep can also play an important role in regulating your mood and cognitive functions which can help with decision-making and concentration. Getting enough restful sleep contributes to your overall quality of life by promoting your physical and mental well-being. And remember, when you’re your best self, your events and business will benefit!

3. Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals in everyday life is important. As an event planner, knowing what is possible and how to best serve your client is imperative to a successful business. Setting realistic goals for yourself and those you curate events with/for will help you foster trust with them and prevent disappointment. By focusing on outcomes that are achievable, event planners can deliver high-quality experiences that reduce stresses all around. 

4. Make Time to Exercise

Taking time out of your day to exercise doesn’t have to mean you’re spending hours at the gym. Any amount of physical activity, big or small, will contribute to your overall health. Exercise can help beyond just your physical health. You’ll have increased energy, less stress, and improved sleeping habits, and it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Find physical activities you enjoy, and you’re more likely to stick with them. 

5. Set Healthy Boundaries

Foster healthy relationships in your life by setting healthy boundaries. Communication is the most important tool when advocating for yourself. Boundaries can reduce resentment and occupational burnout and protect your mental health. You’ll see improvements in your relationships, have better conflict management, and honor the needs you’ve set for yourself. It will require self-awareness and assertiveness at times, but prioritizing your emotional well-being will always contribute to positive personal growth.

6. Seek Support When Needed

Seeking support from others, whether in your personal or professional life, is not a sign of weakness. Asking for advice from friends or family on a personal matter or problem-solving with a co-worker can lead to increased productivity and alleviate overwhelming feelings. Finding support is a sign of resourcefulness and commitment to achieving whatever goal is put in front of you.

7. Nourish Your Body with Healthy Eating Habits

It might be hard at times to keep up with healthy eating habits when you’re trying to find quick snacks on-the-go. Incorporate a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats you’ll fuel your body with the essential nutrients it needs. Not only can a healthy diet help you feel energized and improve your mood, but you’ll boost your immunity, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

8. Stay Hydrated

Preventing dehydration and the side effects that go along with it, like fatigue and headaches is important to your overall health. Stay hydrated because it will help to regulate body temperature, supports a healthy digestive system, lubricates joints, and promotes healthy skin. So, pack the water bottle wherever your event planning business takes you and shoot for that eight glasses per day!

9. Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Event planners work long hours, so it’s important to take much-needed breaks throughout your day. Taking the time to eat a healthy meal, fit in some physical activity, socialize with colleagues, and relax your mind and body will help prevent burnout and maintain productivity. Stepping away from a task can often allow your mind to think of new ideas or strategies that will help the event planning process.

10. Don’t Forget to See Your Doctor for Regular Check-ups

Build a collaborative relationship with your healthcare provider and improve your overall health by navigating any health concerns that might arise. When you see your doctor for regular check-ups, you’ll have routine screenings to help identify any preventative care you might need, manage any medications you’re taking, and track your health progress. Medical professionals are there to help you have a better quality of life while creating a partnership to manage your health. 

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