3 Events Industry Website Samples You Should Mimic

January 30, 2020 Susan Serena

Regularly an events industry website is the starting point for an attendee to interact with an event. Now, if the website is designed strategically, this first look at your event will drive the hype and it will boost event registration. Or so we hope! If the event website is not designed in a strategic and engaging form, it could very well cause the demise of your event.

New York Event Planners must ensure that the web designer captures the aura of the event by using a design that is full of attractive colors, fonts, images, and video.  

Remember that your events industry website will play the role of the storyteller for your event. If your story is cool and consistent, then potential attendees will be inspired to experience the story for themselves and go to your event.

In this post, we selected websites that will show New York Event Planners how to uniquely create an events industry website whose esthetics is useful, digestible, and properly conveys the event’s story.

In no particular order, here are some of the most beautiful and functional storytelling event websites:


The Summit Dublin

It doesn’t matter how amazing New York Event Planners make a conference website’s design look, if navigation is difficult and event questions aren’t answered in a few clicks, something is wrong. Summit Dublin’s website is not only an electrifying visual but it quickly answers any questions you didn’t even know you wanted answered. You will easily find who will be speaking, nearby hotels, entertainment, etc. for your stay. Not to mention the first thing you see is a link to a trailer that will give you a full video experience of what to expect.



Digitized’s website displays to users how to benefit from the recent marvel of the one-page responsive design. From its basic colors to the full of fun marker-drawn font, their website design throws users right into the event, alluring them to be interactive with the cool interface and browse through all of the talented speakers attending the event, and it’s tremendous.


Converge Southeast

Lustrously colored photographs of wildlife? Absolutely! The Converge Southeast Conference is held in South Carolina, but the instantaneous images aren’t necessarily what you’d expect for a tech event. So, to make it unique and fascinating the web designer went with a wildlife theme that when you scroll down on the page, you’ll see that each “track” (gaming, UX, design, etc.) is assigned its very own wild animal. This is an excellent way for New York Event Planners to blend an event with something that will quickly engage users. In this case, the mesh of technology and wildlife proves to be appealing and smooth, which is an excellent way to blend simplicity with fun.


These event website examples for New York Event Planners all display solid qualities that can be simulated and applied into your event website. Although there is a myriad of tips for designing an event website, here are the main points to remember:

  • Ensure that your event website fonts, colors, and images represent your unique event brand so that it is memorable to everyone who visits the site.
  • Remember that less is definitely more. Be efficient with the content on the home page so that the design is what’s doing most of the talking.
  • Never forget who your target audience is and make sure you’re answering their questions in a matter of a few click.
  • Use media from prior events on the homepage banner to help potential attendees see themselves attending your event.
  • Make sure the principal event details are on display as soon as someone lands on the event website.

For more tips on how to stay on top of events industry website trends, attend The Event Planner Expo in New York each year!


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