3 Ways to Grow Your Event Planning Business

January 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

How do you save yourself from becoming the 30% of entrepreneurs who have to pack it in after their second year? Especially in such a (seemingly) over-saturated industry?

If you want to build a successful event planning business, you have to think big. Embrace creativity and confidence in networking and creating a marketing strategy.

Develop your business's competencies in key event-building services through connections and expertise. To lead with a strong reputation in a highly competitive industry, event planning businesses need to stand out.

Keep reading to find out three ways that you can grow your event planning business.

#1 Connect with Clients and Organizations on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have dominated social media for over a decade. They're great marketing tools to directly reach your target audience, especially if you want to attract Millennials and Gen-Z. It does a lot to promote your event planning business's brand without having to spend a lot of money.

Facebook invites are great ways to reach out to people and let them know what hot events you're promoting. It also helps them remember the date because of multiple reminders in their notifications.

Twitter offers promotions in real time through live tweeting. It generates buzz and attracts interest in your clients' events. You can connect guests through hashtags and get free marketing when they live tweet events.

While those offer practical tools for effective marketing, Instagram stands out as a platform for creating engaging content for a loud and visual presence. It serves as an awesome tool for user-generated content like Twitter, but the platform offers more advanced and interactive options.

Instagram is, first and foremost, a visual platform. You can curate the photographs and graphics on your feed to mold your brand's identity and even integrate brand storytelling into your strategy.

Plus, updated features let you engage directly with clients. Try these newer options:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Livestreams
  • Reels

Look to the Future for the Best Developments

With Twitter imploding before our eyes, you'll want to look into new modes for developing your social media strategy. Essentially, for effective business growth, do the opposite of what Elon Musk has been doing.

Platforms that no one knew about just two years ago now sit at the forefront of the marketing industry. Marketing agencies look at BeReal, one of the newest social media apps, to find new ways to connect.

Social media cashes in on multiple currencies, including engagement, reputation, and creativity. Let's look at some of the newest tools that enhance all three of these things.

Yes, Tik Tok is a dancing app for teens, but what if those teens took videos of dance challenges at your events? It's a great platform to post creative short videos about your company or other fun ideas. Check out how the language app, Duolingo, became a viral hit.

Also, consider unconventional platforms to build your business's brand. Live-streaming has catapulted to become one of the most popular ways to engage on the internet. Apps like Instagram (mentioned earlier), Twitch, and Youtube let people experience events right from their homes.

It's the fastest way to build an audience.

#2 Make Your Event Planning Business the Destination for All Kinds of Events

Don't limit opportunities by trying to fit into a tiny niche. While small businesses considered niche marketing to be the go-to strategy just a few years ago, too much specificity can hurt your opportunities for business growth.

When you tell people you run an event planning business, they might immediately assume that you run a wedding planning business. Maybe companies do exist that only set up wedding parties. But to grow your business, you want to offer expansive options that attract diverse clients.

Corporate events alone comprise many options for different types of events that require your business's expertise, such as:

  • Large meetings
  • Holiday parties
  • Business expos
  • Conferences
  • Launch parties

Just focusing on corporate events alone could potentially bring in great profits and generate consistent business activity. But you can diversify your options even more. Within the corporate event niche, you can build clients as a destination for events at universities, non-profits, and local community-wide events.

The options available largely depend on where your company is based. So do the work to get to know your target audience and gather data on the most lucrative opportunities in your area.

Hundreds of conventions (colloquially referred to as "cons") happen all over the country, even internationally, at any given time. They attract massive audiences and pull out all the stops. These weekend-long events platform many different types of vendors, panels, parties, and other gatherings in public spaces.

#3 Get Into Tech With Augmented Reality and Virtual Events

Virtual events offer a way to connect with guests who can't be physically present at a conference or a meeting. This creates yet another opportunity for event planning businesses to expand their offerings.

It also helps to have knowledge and expertise about virtual event platforms for access to advanced technological tools to curate the best events. You could even develop your own virtual event app or software to generate passive income for your business.

Augmented reality (AR) has led to the biggest tech wave to revolutionize public events. It functions as a tool that uses electronic devices like tablets and smartphones to project programmable images from a computer. These 3D images show up as if they exist as part of the real world, and they can lead to exciting interactive experiences.

Event planning businesses can use AR in several ways. You can develop special programs or activities using AR to boost event engagement. It also allows for content that appeals to younger audiences, especially children. Think of Pokemon Go, but for your event.

AR can also be used to create fully immersive and interactive experiences. Guests will feel entertained and encouraged to actively participate.

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