4 Benefits of Collaborating with Other Event Planners

April 12, 2023 Mario Stewart

In most industries, those who offer the same range of services or products are typically competitors. And event planners are no different. You’re always on the hunt for ways and methods to improve your offerings in a way that provides you with a competitive advantage over others in your region or event space. Your ability to outpace the competition will determine your overall success, right? Maybe.

The rules of competitive engagement are changing. And the post-pandemic events industry looks a lot different than before. While it’s still healthy to seek out competitive advantages for your event business, many event planners are realizing the value of collaboration. And event professionals are teaming up and even grouping up to advance their business objectives, plan bigger events, and elevate the events industry as a whole. Here’s why you should consider joining forces with other event planners, especially today.

1. Two Pros Are More Creative Than One

When you work with another event planner, either in curating an event or collaborating on another project, there are two of you to come up with creative ideas. Two creative experts are more powerful in their efforts than one. And collaboration allows each event or project to benefit from two knowledge bases and two histories of professional experience. Some of the world's biggest and most successful events, conferences, and celebrations are the result of collaborating planners combining forces.

2. Sharing Resources

If you have strong resources that allow you to be great at bringing celebrity talent to your events, and another event planner is the master at catering and meal service planning, imagine how beneficial combining those strengths can be for your event. Another reason you should consider working with other event professionals is the ability to pool resources. Meld your contact list of vendor relationships with another planner’s list, and you have all the best event planning options at your fingertips. 

3. Elevating Two Businesses Instead of One

Each successful event you plan adds another valuable testimonial to your roster of event experiences. And each new testimonial allows you to build a reputation that helps to grow your business. Now, when you work with other event professionals in curating an event, you each walk away with that event success story. In turn, one brilliantly designed event can benefit two businesses instead of one. Teamwork with other pros will not only boost the effectiveness and success of the event at hand, but it will also doubly benefit each of their businesses and brand reputations for being phenomenal planners.

4. Bridging Each Other's Gaps

Each New York event planner has certain strengths and niche expertise. But don’t forget the weaknesses and areas of improvement. Look at those aspects of your event planning that could use a boost. Then start networking with other event planners who possess your weaknesses as their strengths. Together and in collaboration, you can bridge each other’s gaps that result in more substantial and successful event experiences overall. And together, your problem-solving efforts are more impactful since you're both drawing from unique experiences to address event planning challenges. 

In the end, everyone does better when the events industry thrives and excels. Working together and collaborating with other event planners means bringing double the skills, double the troubleshooting power, and double the results. Start reaching out and networking with other event planning professionals. And one event that draws the industry’s best, brightest, and biggest influencers is The Event Planner Expo 2023 in New York City this October! Get tickets and make sure you’re in the room to network and build strategic relationships to grow your business and improve your event planning results!

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