5 Moves You Can Make to Convert Leads at a Higher Percentage

July 11, 2022 Jessica Stewart

When it comes to making sales, generating the leads is only half the battle. It takes hard work, preparation, and dedication to convert the lead into a major sale. With that said, there are several tips and strategies to make this an easier process that you can master. Sales is everything in the world of business. If you don’t have the gift of sales, then it is up to you to assemble a sales team that can close on a regular basis. Let’s dive into five moves that can transform your business and get you more sales. 

Generate More Leads

When it comes to making sales, a lot of it is a numbers game. It is far better to have too many leads than too little. There are several great technologies out there to generate massive amounts of leads including Seamless AI and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These platforms can help your generate thousands of leads a day. After you get your leads, organize them into a spreadsheet and follow up on them through cold-calling and/or email marketing.

Be Overly Prepared

Preparation is key in the world of business. No matter who you are selling to, it is very likely that they will have several questions and/or reservations. The trick is to decipher those questions in advance and be ready to handle them head-on. You should be constantly conveying the immense value that you have to offer and how that value can transform the life of your prospect. At the same time, it is very easy to research the individual and/or company online ahead of time. Do your homework and go into the meeting being overly prepared. 

Have A High Value Offer

It goes without saying that your potential clients are looking for the best possible offer for your products and/or services. But, it is a great strategy to have a high value offer ready to go. High value offers should completely transform the lives of your clients. At the same time, they show them that you are a key power player in your industry. Whenever you are selling to consumers, having an upsell ready is an effective way to get more revenue.  

Make It Personal 

Your personality and demeanor is very important in the world of sales. Consumers want to do business with personable people that they can relate to. Put yourself in their shoes and think about who they want to do business with. Feel free to share things about your personal life, because this establishes a solid connection. Be relatable and easy-going through your sales pitch. Being calm and collective is an essential tool to master in the world of sales. At the same time, ask questions and try to get a good feel of whomever you are selling to. 

Be Persistent 

Even if you don’t make the initial sale, it is very important to always follow up and be persistent with your leads. After you have a lead, keep them on your radar via messaging and email. Share updates about your company and products. Sometimes it takes convincing for the sale to be made so it is very important to be patient, yet persistent. You want to keep your potential customer, as well as existing customers in your loop.

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