5 Ways to Motivate Your Teams Before the Big Event

February 23, 2023 Mario Stewart

You’ve been event planning for some time now. So, getting yourself pumped up and motivated before the next big event is fairly familiar to you. But as you grow and invite new staff members to your teams, you’ll need to also be able to motivate them before the big event. And as a leader, here are some leadership insights to help you get everyone jazzed and enthusiastic about pulling off another successful New York event.

1. Collective Power Meetings

Prior to the kickoff of your next event, consider having a series of power meetings with your teams. These are brief, collaborative jam sessions where you go over the plan and itinerary of the event. Review everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Offer gentle reminders about contingency plans and last-minute details. Keep these power meetings upbeat and energetic.

2. Confirm and Require Constant Communication

Connect with your team members individually to make yourself available for questions. Make sure everyone knows how to remain connected to each other throughout the event, too. Each aspect of the event, from initial registration and meal service to entertainment announcements and closing statements, will need to follow a precise timeline. And your teams should feel comfortable in knowing exactly what to do during every phase of the event and every step of the way.

3. Encourage Teamwork

Make sure everyone on your event planning team knows when and how to ask for help. Encourage teamwork and collaboration in every decision. And remind everyone that the success of the event depends on the collective effort of the entire team.

4. Provide Positive Feedback

Be deliberate and liberal about patting them on the back. Any smart idea, quick-thinking action, or smooth event segment deserves an accolade. Your teams will be more motivated to earn those positive remarks, but only if you’re expressly purposeful in delivering them frequently.

5. Lead By Example

If you’re not excited, your teams won’t be excited either. Similarly, if you’re stressed, they’ll be stressed. If you want your staff to be motivated and enthusiastic, lead by example and keep yourself at a high level of excitement. Share your vision and what drives you so your teams can be equally driven. And even when things go wrong at your event, remember that your teams are watching how you act and react. So maintain your composure and brilliance. And you’ll find they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Keep your teams motivated before the big event with these leadership insights. And you can develop even more leadership skills by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Get in the room and take advantage of any remaining exhibitor space on the Tradeshow Floor!

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