7 Surefire Steps to Becoming a Successful Corporate Event Planner

November 26, 2019 Susan Serena

The road to making the cut as a corporate event planner in NYC can be very bumpy. Becoming a renowned event planner alone isn’t always a walk in the park. You can fall prey to the countless pitfalls of event planning, including disorganization, careless venues, lackluster suppliers, weak cash flow, wanting customer service and well…you get the drift. But, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple recipe for a corporate event planner in New York City to become successful?

While it isn’t exactly rocket science, here are some tips poised to help you cut a niche for yourself in the corporate event planning scene.

1.Always be Cool as a Cucumber

As trivial as it might seem, it pays to stay calm in event planning. Simply because there is something magical about being collected. For one, many things can go wrong in an event, perhaps a vendor delivers the wrong items, or maybe the AV malfunctions. But, if you are calm, the client will also feel reassured and at ease. Keeping your cool as a corporate event planner in NYC would position you to rectify any mistakes without too much hassle.

2.Get Your Team Properly Trained

A good corporate event planner in NYC encourages their staff to further their knowledge and experience throughout their careers. Of course, the industry itself is fast changing as newer and more robust techniques, and technologies are realized. It’s only through proper training that you and your crew can get updated on trending ideas in the industry. That’s why attending event planning expos is crucial to your standing as an event professional.

3.Keep Your Word

While event planning is as social as it comes, it pays to use written agreements and contracts. Not only to assure your client of what you’re promising to deliver, but also to protect yourself professionally. Additionally, you need to stand by your word and sustain a squeaky-clean track record.

4.Identify your Niche as a Corporate Event Planner in NYC

You cannot be the jack of all trades; there’s a limit to what the human brain can handle. If you are great at planning corporate events, that’s what you should focus on. Yes, it’s tempting to dive into all of the exciting event planning categories. However, you want to excel in the corporate arena so be sure to tunnel-vision your training and experience to one specific niche. Don’t be all over the map because that will only lead you to blurry your vision as a corporate event planner in NYC.

5.Round Up a Reliable Team

Event planning firms in NYC that have reliable, trustworthy, and organized teams are most likely to rake in client after client. Of course, you’re as good as your crew. So select a vibrant team of licensed, trained, and accountable event planners.

6.Stay Ahead of the Pack - Always!

Learn to brainstorm with your team on how to grow events and improve them. Look out for trailblazing ideas in your niche and kick them up a notch. It’s only this way that event planning firms NYC can stand out from the crowd. Ideally, you want to select 1, 2, or a few team members to oversee the research for event trends. Have the share and tell at the next meeting so that you can decide which trends will work best for your company and your clients.

7.Strive to Make your Clients Happy

It’s well known, but the cliché that the customer is always right is most definitely an unbreakable rule for a corporate event planner in NYC. Listen to your client’s input and feedback and make changes accordingly. You never want to leave a client feeling like you went against their wishes because “you knew better.” That’s not the formula you want to go on, what you must do is present ideas to the client and gauge which ones they really liked. Remember that when people feel like you not only understood their vision but also brought it to life, they will now who to call to schedule the next event. The bottom line is to see a big grin on your client’s face. Period.

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