Building Strategic Partnerships in the Events Industry: What Every Planner Should Know

July 21, 2022 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners have certainly been through some rough patches these last few years. And through those pandemic-related hardships, you’ve likely learned a few lessons. One of those key elements that supported your resilience involved strategic partnerships. Supporting and helping others within the events industry brought you to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

But don’t stop there.

Now that New York conferences and events are back in full swing don’t let up on developing strategic partnerships. Event space representatives, service providers, and even fellow event planners can all be working together to bring the industry forward and make it lucrative for everyone. So, how do you identify key partnerships and establish an ongoing strategy to groom and build your network? Here’s what the most successful event planners are doing.

Know Your Goals First

The operative word is “strategic.” Sure, you can make friends with New York venues, caterers, and industry colleagues. But only those strategic connections will prove to be the most fruitful. The right partnerships will advance your efforts and grow your business. To find the best connections, it starts with your goals. Sit down and evaluate your objective for the year. From there, you can enlist the help of those partnerships with knowledge and experience to complement those goals. 

Always Look for Those Partners Who Share Your Values

Align yourself with others who share your passion and values. Together, you can explore new ways to share those best practices. But you won’t likely learn about a new contact’s mission statement with a casual conversation. It will require purposeful and meaningful discussions that result from repeated networking efforts. If you identify a new event space, for example, spend more time with the owner or events coordinator. Go to lunch. Invite new contacts to join you at a local Chamber social hour. Invest the time needed to develop the relationship where you can better understand their values. 

Agreeable Expectations

Building strategic partnerships with others in the New York event space also means being transparent and forthcoming about expectations. Have professional discussions about how you can each collaborate for new ideas, address common challenges, or explore better strategies. Don’t presume everyone will be on the same page as you. Some will be more focused on different niches or driven by the almighty dollar. But once you do find a colleague with whom you’d like to partner, be open about discussing how you both plan to help each other.

Reciprocate to Give as Much as You Receive

You’ve met these people before. They’re takers. They show up to a networking event and want to siphon every lead, nugget of advice, and events industry secret from the room. But they’re not willing to share their own experiences or knowledge. In a brand-building strategic partnership, both parties are eager to give and share just as much as they are about asking and receiving. As you develop your network, ask others what their challenges are or inquire about what a perfect lead is for them. And then make the effort to help others achieve their goals. They’ll be more apt to help you achieve yours when you’ve proven value in partnering with you.

Immerse Yourself in Networking Opportunities

You aren’t going to meet others in the New York event space if you’re not putting yourself out there. Your next strategic partnership could come from an introduction at a local ribbon-cutting, a business after hours, or an industry trade show. Dedicate time in your schedule for networking and get mingling! Ask for colleagues to introduce you and be liberal with handing out those business cards. 

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