Ready to Introduce a New Event Planning Service? 4 Steps to Ensure Rollout Success

November 21, 2022 Desiree Homer

Today’s event planners are exploring new ways to bring their services to new audiences. The explosion in popularity of virtual events alone has carved a new path for many New York event planners. But before you officially kick off any new service offering or planning niche service, you’ll need to prepare. Check out these steps to organizing your ideas, planning your launch, and marketing your new services. 

1. Spend Quality Time Learning About Your New Audience

Don’t launch a new event planning service until you first understand your new target audience. Make sure you know what their problems are so you can position your new service as a solution. Learn their preferences in consuming content and making decisions so you know how to market to them. Create personas that allow you to develop specific messages to generate interest and leads. Knowing your new audience will allow you to precisely determine your new value proposition.

2. Validate and Verify Your Competition

Know your competitors and study how they’re achieving their goals within the new service niche you’re planning to explore. You can also discern what they’re doing wrong, so you can identify your competitive edge opportunities. Even if you’re not looking to directly compete with another event planner, you can learn from the good and poor decisions they’re making to create a smoother path to success for your journey.

3. Inspire Your Event Planning Team

Get everyone in your circles on the same page with your plans, including your event planning staff, vendors, and partners. Share your vision and mission for this new offering with enthusiasm, so others can be just as excited about launching. They’ll be instrumental in your success as you delegate tasks and responsibilities, so make sure they’re on board and share your vision.

4. Be Certain You Can Deliver

Before launching any new event planning service, consider walking through the entire process to ensure you can deliver what you’re promising. Create the frameworks and to-do lists. Evaluate your resources and make sure you have all the best tools you need to execute seamlessly. 

Here’s a sample checklist to help you prepare for the rollout:

  • Prepare a detailed presentation of your offer.
  • Create lists of tools needed, including a process document.
  • Test different marketing strategies.
  • Will your teams need training and guidance?
  • Develop sales collateral needed to capture the big new service.
  • Prepare a rollout plan, including web, social, news, and announcements.

Before rolling out any new event planning service, consider these insights. And to learn from the best of the best in the events industry, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023. Sign up to be on the official waitlist, and don’t miss a single announcement!

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