Here's How to Nail Down a Great Event Sponsors

November 14, 2022 Mario Stewart

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Event Sponsor

Over the past three decades, corporate sponsorship has become a multi-billion dollar part of a business and its success rate. Especially when you're hosting events and want to leave a lasting impression. 

There are several reasons you need to prioritize event sponsors, starting with the fact they can cover enormous costs and boost your brand exposure to attract more consumers. 

Plus, having a good sponsor for corporate events is the best way to secure your reputation and gain credibility in the business world. 

But how do you find a sponsor guaranteeing you more exposure and help with financial costs? 

Keep reading to discover the expert techniques to ensure you have the right sponsor for your next event. 

Why Event Sponsors Are Important

To keep it simple, event sponsors are the people who contribute funds to your event services and help you organize trade shows. It's a professional business relationship that is intended to support emerging brands. 

But, it's also about giving sponsors their share of the success and brand recognition. So, you can't plan events without this necessary collaboration with sponsors.

Having an event sponsor is also a great way to have more people attend our event. Everyone knows that marketing events can be tiring and challenging when you're starting out. 

Working closely with a respected sponsor means you'll have access to their network and will most likely see more people coming to your event. Therefore, your brand will be seen by many potential clients. 

As well as networking opportunities, having an event sponsor is essential for fostering long-term connections with influential people in the industry. 

If your event becomes a hit amongst the attendees, your sponsor will be looking to fund future events that your business is planning. This means that you can both profit from a reliable partnership.

You don't need to worry about constantly searching for a new event sponsor, and you can continue to work with a trusted company. 

How To Find the Right Event Sponsor

So, now we know the benefits of having an event sponsor, how do you find the perfect match for your brand? 

Here are some time-tested methods for finding a sponsor that understands your brand and wants to work together to make it the best it can be. 

Define Your Event Ideas

Before you send out numerous emails looking for an event sponsor, you must start by outlining your event ideas and goals. 

Without a clear strategy, sponsors will think you're not professional, and you might miss out on a fantastic opportunity. So, the main things to consider are as follows: 

  • Describe event ideas in detail
  • Write down the event goals and vision
  • Explain why you're hosting the event 
  • Highlight what makes your event unique 
  • Provide a chance for suggestions

Even though you want to be confident in your ideas and how you want the event to be planned, it's equally important to show that you're open to suggestions. 

If a sponsor can see that you're flexible and incorporate some of their ideas, it will give you a better chance of winning them over as your sponsor. 

After you've defined your event ideas, you can move on to crafting the pitches and preparing for conversations with several sponsors. 

Research Their Brand

It doesn't matter if you're a corporate decision maker or an event vendor; learning about other brands and how they operate is key to building good business relationships. 

When you're trying to land an event sponsor, you must do your research in advance before you send out any pitches or organize meetings. 

You can start by searching for their previous events and looking at any new products or services they've implemented in the last year. This shows that you're interested in their company and engaged with their brand.

Another great technique is to find out what other events they've sponsored in the past. This way, you can tailor your pitch to their tastes and interests.

If you can show them that you have an idea they're going to like, it will make them instantly keen to discuss sponsorship. Otherwise, you could waste time writing back and forth with sponsors and getting nowhere. 

Show Them What You Have To Offer

The third tip to follow when reaching out to possible event sponsors is to show them what you can offer in terms of ROI. Ideally, you'll be able to present them with facts and figures from previous events. 

You can include information like past revenue, attendee numbers, and your current audience reach on social media. To attract new sponsors, you need to give them something they can't resist. 

For instance, you should use social media to your advantage to call out sponsors and thank them for their support. You can post pictures of products and shining reviews on social media posts. 

Being visible online will make you appear engaged with your community and sends the right signals to your sponsor that you'll give them a platform for awareness.

Apart from social media, you can also use an old-school approach and send free gift bags to sponsors. This is a subtle but effective way to start a good relationship before working together. 

Unlike the hundreds of emails they get from event planners, you will stand out and be memorable. Sending a gift bag shows you're willing to put in the extra effort to be noticed. 

Network To Find Your Next Sponsor

Did you hear about this year's Event Planner Expo, which marked its 10th anniversary? 

It was an amazing event that allowed event profs to meet and network with one another. Next years' event is going to be even more epic!

In the meantime, you can already brainstorm your event ideas and write some draft pitches. To learn more about the expo, click here and join the waitlist for this amazing community as a New York event planner. 

Get in touch if you have any questions about the event; we'd be happy to help!


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