The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Win Over Your Client with Your Proposal

November 6, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As an event planner, you’re a master at tapping into the emotions of others for every experience you curate. But you can also use that expertise in crafting client proposals. Understanding the psychology of persuasion can help event planners address pain points and impress with event proposals and presentations. Today, we’re sharing some of those insights so you can build more resonating client proposals that help you land more New York event clients.

The 7 Principles of Psychology in Sales

Before connecting with your event client to present a proposal, consider the psychological principles of sales. Create your event planning solutions through a lens of these psychological aspects and make a bigger impact on your prospects.

  • Reciprocity: Make your event proposal feel like an offering something, gifting them something meaningful.
  • Social Proof: Back your claims with event storytelling as social proof.
  • Consistency Commitment: Demonstrate your commitment to keeping your word and consistent deliverables.
  • Scarcity: Make your offer unique and scarce.
  • Authority: Demonstrate your expertise as a premier event planner.
  • Liking: Be likable and easy to work with at every turn.
  • Unity: Work with them, talk with them, and solve problems with them.

Don’t Make It About You

No one wants to be sold anything or feel like they’ve been persuaded into making a decision. Your event planning proposal shouldn’t be all about you and your offer, or it will feel like a sales pitch. Instead, make your client proposal about them and what they need or value. You can then offer the unique solutions you’re prepared to deliver. 

If You’re Not Having Fun, Neither Are They

You’re in the business of creating fun and exciting experiences for your event clients. Make sure you convey this ability in how you present an event proposal. If it’s drab, boring, and uninspired, your prospect will sense it. Have fun with your event proposal, and make it creative. Remember, if your proposal doesn’t make you smile, it won’t make them smile, either.

Lose the Jargon

Your event clients understand the basics of what’s involved with the event planning process. And you’ll want to dazzle them with your expertise and knowledge. But don’t shoot over their heads with an overwhelming list of jargon-riddled event planning nuances. Instead, keep your client proposal simple and impactful, speaking their language about value, solutions, and unique offerings.

Limit Choices and Packages

The human brain can become overwhelmed with too many choices. At the same time, we’re inundated with constant screen stimuli that we’ve grown accustomed to and crave. So, when building your client proposal, be mindful of providing more than one way to say “yes” without overwhelming them with too many packages or options. Keep it to two or three valuable event-planning solutions.

Compelling Pricing Strategies Have to Be Value-Packed

Yes, every event planning proposal should include clear language outlining expectations and transparent pricing. But you don’t want your potential client to hone in on just price comparisons, either. Build a proposal that showcases your pricing strategy in a compelling way, tying it specifically to your unique solutions. Pack the proposal with added value and benefits of working with you to stand out from other planners in the running. 

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