The Transformation of Event Planners to Event Strategists

July 11, 2019 Susan Serena

Event planners are no longer known as the person you call upon when you’re planning a party and need help with décor, catering options, floral suggestions, entertainment, etc. Over the past several years we have seen an unprecedented transformation in the roles that event planners play in adding value to events.

You can no longer categorize event professionals as task managers because that perception is long gone. Event planners are now required to be research experts and strategic professionals. In addition to knowing how to pinpoint the needed data to produce a successful event, event pros are expected to know how to use that data and translate it into actions that will increase brand awareness and revenue.

When upper management says, “let’s plan a party,” it now means, “I need you to organize an event that includes a strategic plan with clear objectives and a productive outcome.”

In this article we will cover the factors that are contributing to the colossal change in the role of event planners.

The Increase in Event Marketing Budgets

In 2019 we saw a huge increase in event budgets for many industries. Business owners and upper management seemed to have gotten wind of the vital importance that events have on their consumers. However, with the increase in budget, came an increase in responsibilities for corporate event planners.

Marketing executives place a notable expectation on corporate event planners because of the increase in budget allocation. It’s like they’re saying, “If we’re giving you more to work with, we expect to see more in the outcome of our events.” Talk about pressure! It’s now the responsibility of corporate event professionals to validate the cost of events by delivering an increase in revenue for the company.

The event planner-turned-marketing strategist is now obligated to deliver an outline of KPIs in addition to other metrics that allow them to measure their event marketing activations and make their performance tangible.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Events Industry

AI is rapidly taking over many job roles and has had an impact on numerous industries because it’s replacing the need for temporary staff members. According to research, our change in communication patterns will increase the use of chatbots and by the year 2020, 85 percent of customer service interactions will be conducted by well implemented chatbot programs.

What does this change mean for event professionals you ask? Well…

AI is due to liberate event planners from having to spend so much time on research. As technology continues to evolve, the options for managing contacts, exhibitor, vendors, and suppliers will increase. You’ll no longer have to spend hours on end to stay atop of these tasks to find the best business to partner with for events. You’ll now have more time on your hands to nurture valuable relationships with the people you collaborate with.

Event Tech on the Rise

It’s entirely possible that the most promising way for event planners to transition into modern event strategists is by staying up to date with event tech trends. As technology becomes more universal and easier to use, event pros will become more dependent of it for managing, planning, and executing events.

Additionally, not only will technology help with freeing up your research time as described above when using chatbots, but this new free time will help you come up with more strategic and creative approaches to accomplish your event goals.

When you’re able to find time to measure attendee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity you are adding value across all channels because of the data you’ve collected. Now you’re in better tune with what does and doesn’t work which will allow you to translate missed opportunities into future event changes.

Ultimately, modern event technology facilitates accurate success metrics which gives event professionals a real edge in how they plan and produce events by using measurable data.

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