10 Best Types of Videography to Showcase Your Next Event

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

YouTube gets over 1.9 billion logged-in users to visit the site every month resulting in over a billion hours of video watched every day. Those numbers prove just how much people are drawn to video.

Marketers aren't letting this opportunity slip by. Research shows that 87% of marketing pros include video as a marketing strategy, and 88% of video marketers are happy with the ROI they get.

Incorporating various types of videography into your event marketing plan can help you capture more attention and generate more buzz about your event. Instead of just making one generic promotional video, try different videography methods to appeal to different types of people.

If you're not sure where to start, keep reading to explore different video types that can help promote your next event.

1. Behind the Scenes

A video showing what happens behind the scenes of your event adds a human side to the event. It's not just the highly produced finished product that everyone expects from a promotional video. It lets people see what really happens and may give them more appreciation for the work that goes into producing the event.

You might show clips of planning meetings or of you creating elements of the event. You might tour the facility where the event is held before you do any work so guests can appreciate the transformation.

Add a funny twist to the behind-the-scenes video by creating a blooper reel. You might show an idea that failed or a dress rehearsal that didn't go as planned. Having a good laugh shows your human side and helps you connect with viewers.

2. Interviews

Give people a preview of what they'll see at the event by recording interview videos with event organizers, speakers, entertainment, and other participants. Use the interview to share information about what attendees can expect. The goal is to get people excited to see those people at the event and convince them to buy a ticket.

If you have a prominent speaker on the schedule, you might interview the person about their background. Questions might reveal a little of what the speaker will talk about to pique interest without giving away all of the information.

3. Time Lapse

Record time-lapse videos of the event preparation and setup. Release the video just before the vent to generate buzz. People can see what goes into the event.

The time-lapse effect draws attention because of its unique look. Viewers get to see a transformation that likely took hours or days in just a few minutes.

4. FAQs

Event planners field an endless stream of questions about entertainment, tickets, parking, and other details. Give yourself a break from answering the same question hundreds of times by creating an FAQs video. Include the answers to questions you get all the time as well as other important information you want attendees to know.

5. Reviews or Testimonials

If you're promoting a recurring event, get attendees from previous years to help you promote it. A testimonial video or reviews from guests at past events may help sway people toward buying a ticket.

It's a good way to share praise about the event without telling everyone how great it is yourself. Reviews from other people tend to carry more weight because it doesn't feel like a sales pitch.

6. Round-Up of Activities

Generate excitement about the event by promoting specific activities or entertainment guests can enjoy. Potential attendees want to know what to expect. Showing them what they can experience highlights the value of buying a ticket.

Highlight the workshops at a conference by explaining who'll lead each workshop and what it covers. Show clips of bands or other entertainment who'll perform at your event. Include video footage of the previous year's activities if they'll make a return to this year's event.

7. Announcements

Build up interest in the event in the weeks or months leading up to it by creating announcement videos. Start with a "save the date" video announcement to get people thinking about going. You can use these videos to announce each time you sign a new entertainment act or line up a new speaker.

You can also wait until you have your event completely planned with all activities secured. Release one large announcement video, or spread out the announcements over time to keep people coming back.

8. How-To Guides

Help eventgoers or those who are considering going by producing how-to videos. These videos should be helpful guides for making the most out of the event.

Examples include how to:

  • Network at the event
  • Get tickets
  • Pick workshop sessions
  • Navigate the different areas of the event
  • Prepare for the event
  • Pack for an out-of-town event
  • Become a vendor or exhibitor

These guide videos offer value to your followers. They also get attendees excited about the event. It's a more subtle way to market your event instead of just promoting it and telling everyone how great it is.

9. Event Background

Add meaning to your event promotion by giving a little background on the event. Showing people why you hold the event and explaining your mission can make people better connect with you. It may convince them to participate to support your mission.

This can be particularly effective for a nonprofit fundraising event. You might include some of the services the organization provides or share stories of people the organization helps.

For corporate events, highlight how the event has evolved over the years. You might also include success stories or how the organization improves the lives of the professionals it helps.

10. Event Highlights and Live Streams

Creating and sharing videos during your event may convince people to join in at the last minute. Videos created during your event can work as part of your social media marketing strategy.

This is especially useful for a full-day event or something that takes place over multiple days. People who hadn't heard of the event before it started or people who were on the fence about going might decide to check it out when they see the video.

One option is an events highlight video. Showcase the entertainment and activities that have already happened. Drone footage can create some appealing images and capture the scope of the event.

Another option is to do live video streams. This shows people what's happening right now, and they're easier to get out quickly since you don't have to edit them. Live videos can also give you a chance to interact with viewers via a chat feature, which can help you engage people and get them more interested in visiting. 

Explore Types of Videography

Incorporating different types of videography into your event marketing plan helps generate excitement and education about your event. Various methods help you highlight different aspects of your event and appeal to a wider audience.

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