5 Client Acquisition Event Ideas

May 17, 2022 Susan Serena

New York Event Planners help businesses plan numerous types of strategic networking events each year that they can host for client acquisition. The challenge lies in knowing which type of event the company should host so that it’s fitting for their guests and the company’s goals.

Client acquisition is what New York Event Planners typically hear is the main purpose for businesses to host events, and quite frankly, trying to obtain new business from a target audience is like going on a first date. You must be captivating and attract them, all while remembering that you don’t want to give up too much information just yet.

The key to hiring New York Event Planners to help you host a successful acquisition event is to ensure that your event is intriguing, and they will safeguard that goal by:

Then again, conserving the relationship does entail more cultivation so New York Event Planners usually aim to design intimate acquisition events that would allow for relationship building.

In this article, we will cover:

5 Client Acquisition Event Ideas

Whether you are trying to engage, acquire, or retain clients, we recommend:

Intimate dinners 

Intimate dinners are often a more private experience, so New York Event Planners utilize them to host an event for the company’s closest clients. This type of event affords more time for face-to-face conversations since you’ll be in close quarters and have the ability to sit with them and break bread for an extended period. Designing a dessert station for mingling afterwards would be an excellent added touch.

Exclusive cocktail events

Create a stir by hosting a cocktail event for the crowd which is a bit larger and probably less intimate, but it delivers the opportunity to connect with countless people. There is also less pressure on your guests with a cocktail event because it’s a bit more casual so attendance may increase since a cocktail event require a major commitment of time. Your goal is to make the cocktail event unique so that you have a way to start conversations with prospective clients that you haven’t had a chance to get to know well.

Retail events

Retail events are usually casual, but when client acquisition is your goal, New York Event Planners should probably aim for more of a public event so that you’re casting a wide net for the retail company. You’ll also be treating your prospects and customer to something that they can take away, because you will have the opportunity to thank them for their business and now you’ll stay on the top of their minds for quite some time.

Group activities 

Group activities for a corporate event is where you’ll want to have New York Event Planners help you find creative corporate event entertainment, and it’s a great opportunity to have your clients bring a plus one. You never know when that plus one will also be interested in what it is your business has to offer. Group activities are fantastic icebreakers. They’re often held in a casual environment so that it’s easier to get to know your potential clients with little to no pressure.

Sporting events

It’s easy for New York Event Planners to recommend that you host a sporting event because it provides a simple solution for entertaining nearly any type of client. Sporting events offer a relaxed and casual environment which delivers the perfect opportunity to form a connection and have fun with your clients.


Designing a client acquisition event to match your business goals can go a long way. Contact us for help or attend our Expo to find out which event type will best fit your client entertainment goals.   


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