6 Tips to Planning the Perfect Launch Party

May 17, 2022 Susan Serena

When it comes to planning a startup launch party in NYC, you must know how to strategize your event plan. Offsetting the event expenses with an ROI that keeps on giving for years to come should be your end goal.

Pull out all the stops and make sure that your launch party is the talk of the town, just like a modeling agency in California did for their startup launch party. The modeling agency was hosting their event at Bootsy Bellows, which is right in the heart of Hollywood.

Within 15 minutes of the start of the event, the venue was half full. Within the hour, they were at capacity. The most impressive aspect was the fact that the audience was packed with buyers from major retailers like MAC Cosmetics, Hautelook, Nordstrom, Guess, Revolve Clothing, and Hurley.

Upper industry associates and service providers were also in attendance and that included top Los Angeles stylists and photographers. There were several celebrities that made their way to the event as well. In essence, the scope was filled with existing and future customers who were pretty much ready to start signing contracts with the agency.

So how do you think the agency was able to fill a room full of EXACTLY who they needed for their startup launch party?

Launch party guests need to trust you.

Outside of the startup launch party in NYC you're planning or the business you work for, who you are as a person counts for a lot. Francis, the founder of Aston Models, is quite a genuine and honest person. That authenticity allows people to build trust. Especially when the business is part of a service-driven industry, and strong relationships are the foundation.

Shape a solid reputation.

It's hard to shape a reputation from scratch in any industry that you aren't very familiar with, particularly if you are just starting your career as an event planner in NYC. When you’re starting to build your brand, you’ll have to pay your dues working in the business for quite some time and produce solid results for your clients in order to build a solid reputation.

Invest in your relationships.

You can't just build a list and expect things to work. A lot of people who network just meet people once, and then store their card only to never contact them again. Take time out of your busy schedule to call, meet, and spend time with every person you possibly can in your network. Makes them feel appreciated and special to you. People are privy to your intent and they will appreciate your effort in investing your time in them.

Be everyone’s favorite person.

I've met a lot of business owners who have either kept trying to pitch their product, drained the life out of me, or couldn’t connect with me on an emotional level. Show interest in what you do, who you are, the things that interest you, and make sure that you give off positive energy.

Your startup launch party date shouldn’t conflict with other scheduled events.

Most major brands host their launch parties early on during the summer months. Rather than having your event with everyone else’s, do it either before all other scheduled industry events or at least a month after. This way you’re not competing against established brands.

Select a unique venue to host your startup launch party in NYC.

Most companies host their events at bars, hotels, or during a conference. Since people have frequented many of these event types, they tend to get used to them and feel like they know what to expect. That, in turn, makes people lose interest in going at all. Think outside of the box and host your startup launch party in a unique NYC venue. By hosting events at venues people aren't used to attending, it generates a sense of inquisitiveness which encourages them to attend.

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