5 Innovative Ideas for Your Wedding

May 17, 2022 Susan Serena

Wedding Planners have seen their fair share of weddings, and with that, you can rest assured that they’ve seen or heard about all the unique wedding ideas in the book. Innovative brides don’t want their wedding to consist of all of the usual décor and souvenirs. To name a few, the overused mason jars, the popular donut bars, the classic rose petal aisles, and of course the exclusive cocktail hour. It's time to change a few things to draw the attention of the guests and show the bridge and groom what you've got!


5 Unique Wedding Ideas


These are the little components of a wedding that create a personalized and unforgettable touch, which allows your wedding to really stand out. Our point is, it’s all in the details, so the more creative those details are, the better! So, now that your planning your umpteenth wedding…what unique wedding ideas do you have in your bag of tricks to offer your brides? None? We’re here to help!

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Someone (not something) Blue

Yes, yes. We all know it’s supposed to be “something blue,” but who said you can’t add SOMEONE blue? If its unique wedding ideas you’re looking for then have the flower girl dressed in your something blue and make it someone blue to add an imaginative twist.

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Brand Your Wedding

Why not brand your wedding anywhere you can? Add stamps of the bride and groom’s initials throughout the event. There are so many ways to incorporate initials throughout the day. You can add it to the giveaways, project the initials on the lighting, use them on place cards, and so much more!

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Unique Cake Toppers

Outdated wedding cake toppers are so 1980s. Look for a cake topper with an accent that will complement your wedding theme. Like this light bulb cake topper for an industrial style wedding, particularly because it goes with the “Light of My Life” wording on each tier of the cake.

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Customized Menu Options

Listen, it doesn’t all have to be about “what’s in” this year. A wedding day is about what the bride and groom are all about and that includes the food! Provide details to the caterer about what the bride and groom consider a perfect food day (breakfast, lunch dinner, and snacks). Let them combine the choices into a diverse wedding menu, and couple it with a personalized menu to place at the tables.


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Thank You Displays for Guests

Favors and giveaways are wonderful and all, but nothing beats a heartfelt message that will touch your guest’s heart. This is a very personal way to thank guests, and when it’s displayed this beautifully...it is sure to be a hit! You can express your gratitude by either writing a thank you letter and display it in calligraphy on a large sign, or you can go the extra mile and order a customized bed sheet with your letter written on it as a giveaway for your guests.  



Everyone wants unique wedding ideas implemented on their special day so as wedding planners, it’s your job to make that happen for the bride and groom. Don’t go by everything you’ve used in the past that has worked because what you’re looking for is SOMETHING NEW to present to your clients. Show them how creative you can be and ensure them that they’ve selected the best event planner in New York when they chose you because you think outside the box and care to make an impact on their day.

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