5 Creative Approaches to Attract Event Sponsors

May 17, 2022 Susan Serena

Being creative with technology can lead to new approaches to attract event sponsors and generate more revenue for your events. Technology is a great tool to get your sponsors noticed and excited. In this article, we will review:

5 Creative Approaches to Attract Event Sponsors

Using technology to attract event sponsors is an effective approach because they’re always looking for innovative and exciting opportunities to capture attention and engage with their event audience. By the same token, practical event planners want to give boundless visibility and can see the potential of investing a little into their audio-visual setup and tech to see bigger returns and satisfaction from their stakeholders. These ideas and solutions can be a win-win situation for everyone.

Multiple Screens

Certainly, you can attract event sponsors by adding their company logos to the slide deck so that they are displayed on the big screen, but how about using multiple screens to share your sponsor’s message consistently across the event? Consider adding several screens with different content at the front of the main room, additional relay screens down the side of the room, digital wayfinding and signage around the site, and even info touch screens in networking and beverage areas. You can work with your sponsors to add images or video to get their message across and achieve more than just logo placement.

Interactive Games

If you offer interactive games with the opportunity to win valuable prizes, you will have found an excellent way to get people’s attention. Why not create an iPad Jeopardy Wall and host your own game show at the event? With iPads placed on a magnetic mounting system and a custom buzzer solution to correctly track responses, you can create a professional studio setup to impress your guests and sponsors. You can even drop in some sponsor related questions to raise awareness.  

Event Branded Photos

An excellent way to attract event sponsors could be to create your own photo-booth or branded event picture station. You can also use software that will guarantee that every picture has your event sponsor logos and event hashtag included for optimal visibility when shared across social media. Alternatively, capture the attendee’s details and permission to share the picture with them directly. For maximum success, ensure the photo backdrop is something people will want to share with others, or create multiple backdrop options using a green screen.

Gamification or Quizzes

Why not organize a digital scavenger hunt where participants can compete individually or within teams to explore the venue or local area? The treasure hunt could include visits to key exhibitor booths and fact finding about your sponsors. Or if there is less opportunity for movement and discovery, you could create a table quiz where small teams answer questions and complete tasks relevant to the event.  

Audience Response Systems

Q&A and live polling sessions will not only add interest but are another great sponsorship branding opportunity where results will be displayed on the big screen. The polls could even tackle trending issues to increase shareability, create talking points on social media or even provide quotes in your post-event press release. Make the most of the data and capture screenshots of the results to display on a branded slide deck.

In Conclusion

To attract event sponsors you want to deliver the promise of increasing their exposure at events. Some of these ideas can directly generate revenue by providing valuable sponsorship opportunities. Others provide visibility and potential for sponsor messaging and branding as part of a wider package. With a bit of creative thinking, event planners can use AV and technology to keep event stakeholders happy and ensure event sponsors get the exposure they crave.

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