Eventspiration for New York Event Planners

May 17, 2022 Susan Serena

There is a level of artistry that goes into producing events and just like all forms of art, over time the creativity cup may runneth over. The same way that a writer goes through a period of writer’s block, New York Event Planners may go through a rut when deciding on the right venue, décor, menu, entertainment, lighting, etc. for an upcoming event. That’s why we’re going to share a few event planning tips that will help pull you out of your possible rut.

The eventspiration that typically comes to us naturally may run its course especially if you’re constantly booked and busy producing various events.  This article will be dedicated to enlightening event planners with some event planning tips that will help you find that event inspiration you may need when you’re drawing a blank.

Look Outside the Box

If you look inside the industry box you may be working in, does it feel like everyone you network with is an event professional? If so, it’s time to look outside the box. You have to broaden your horizons and build contacts in other industries as well. You’re not going to draw new ideas from people who work within the same realm as you. In fact, you may end up appearing like a copycat for doing so.

Make it your business to attend other industries affairs to see what they’re doing with experiences for their attendees. Some of the more creative industries include candy brands, fashion, interior design, gaming, and theater. You can really pull some tricks out of their hats or at the very least light the creativity match inside your endlessly pensive brain.

Move It or Lost It!

Sitting at your desk or meeting with colleagues at your favorite eatery is not going to magically drop creative ideas into your brain. You have to move it or lose it! The Big Apple is the mecca of active life, art, theater, and just plain old excitement. If you take an hour here and there to simply walk around and visit different places throughout New York City, you will expose yourself to a plethora of possibilities. You can mark these exploration trips as research time and take it upon yourself to visit art galleries, museums, parks, go see a play/show, or simply walking through areas like Times Square in Manhattan or Dumbo Brooklyn. There is no doubt that you’ll boost your creativity and gain new insight on areas to improve your event productions.

Fitness for the Brain

Edward De Bono is known as the master of brain fitness and has created mental obstacle courses that will coach your brain to position it for success. Part of his practice consists of developing various outlines that inspire you to challenge your usual thought process. His Forced Fit exercise is structured to help you create something out of an unusual setup. The basis of this exercise is to help you formulate a work of art using arbitrary attributes. Remember the mini clips on Sesame Street where viewers would have to decide which one of the objects doesn’t belong? Sure you do. The lyrics to the song say “one of these things is not like the other” and should be playing in your head as you read this.

In this game, you will piece together random objects that do not go together and figure out how you could make something out of nothing. Think about how you could make them work for people, how they can be used together despite them “not fitting” per say. So you’re looking to take things like an apple, a pencil, a business card, and a sock and without speaking or having any type of sound in your background, you have to come up with how these objects would work at a wedding, corporate event, or a fundraiser. This form of brainstorming is part of the list of event planning tips that helped organizers come up with events such as:

  • Blind Dinners
  • Silent Parties
  • Moneyless Fundraisers
  • Launch Parties without Invitations
  • No Electricity Events


We hope these eventspiration ideas will help event planners get started on their search for new material that will help them produce unforgettable events! For more information, get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo!


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