2020's Most Amazing Corporate Party Themes

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Throwing a corporate party requires planning and creativity. If done right, you can positively impact your company culture and strengthen relations with clients and stakeholders.

Consider your audience and budget when choosing a theme. Pick something that brings the night over the top for your audience.

Top Corporate Party themes for 2020

When party planning, event themes set the stage for a memorable experience! Read on to learn some of the top corporate event themes for this year!

Casino Night

Play your cards right with an exciting casino night! Give the venue a viva Las Vegas feel!

Send VIP invites to all of your party guests. In each invitation place a raffle number for door prizes as people enter.

Layout a red carpet at the door and hire a door mn to give your guests a true VIP experience. Rent tables with dealers to play games like craps, poker, and blackjack.

After all, business ventures are often a serious gamble. So, make it a fun one for this party.

Roaring 20s Speakeasy

This is another one of those exciting party themes for adults, and fitting for the times as the 20s come roaring back. Your party guests will love the secretive thrill of it.

In the front room, serve only nonalcoholic beverages to your guests. Make a secret entrance, like a phone booth or moving bookcase for guests to get to the real party.

In the invitation, ask guests to dress the part, and hire a Jazz band to create an authentic feel. If you want to take it to the next level, hire a couple of dance instructors to teach your guests how to dance the Charleston!

Masquerade Ball

Conferences of this nature never go out of style. Everybody wants an excuse to dress their best and show their more mysterious side.

For this theme, you want to serve a sit-down dinner. After dinner, give keynote speakers the stage to discuss business matters. 

Afterward, throw a ball. Your guests will enjoy dancing the night away.

Murder Mystery Meeting

A murder mystery tops the chart for meeting themes. Invite your guest to a dinner meeting, and shock them with a mystery.

Upon arrival, assign each guest an alias to assign their roles. Get into dinner and then business but throw in some excitement at good pause points for the meeting and break off to solve for a bit. 

The key for this to work is to know the points you can pause without losing important business points. If you pull this off, your guests will never forget this night!

Learn How to Event Plan Like a Pro

When running a business, planning a great, well- planned corporate party shows your class and appreciation for your guests. It also lets clients in on how innovative you actually are, making you more appealing in business ventures!

Event planning takes attention to details you may not always think about. Learn how to plan your next event like a pro! Buy tickets for the 2022 event planning expo today!


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