4 Innovative Marketing Trends to Incorporate Into Your Business

March 15, 2022 Mario Stewart

The business world is forever moving fast and you don't want to get left behind with old or stale marketing techniques. 

Your marketing campaigns and strategies should always be evolving. Incorporate these innovative marketing trends into your business!

1. Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming One of the Biggest Innovative Marketing Trends

Artificial intelligence is a highly significant tool you can use in profiling your buyers. It is the forerunner in powering customer segmentation, retargeting the audience, tracking online clicks and due to this, the possibilities are endless for new marketing goals. 

How you use artificial intelligence for your digital marketing portfolio depends on what your business goals are. Make sure to partner up with experts in the artificial intelligence field and determine how best to incorporate it into your business.  

2. Search Engine Optimization A/B Split Testing

One of the main aspects of marketing is testing, and SEO A/B split testing is another top marketing trend. 

In SEO A/B split testing you can see what variables increased traffic on your website so you can determine how to make effective content changes. Then you can use this information to update or change certain aspects of your content.

For instance, you may have a blog post that is doing better than another post. By looking at the differences by running the SEO A/B split testing, you can find if one is doing better due to the description or the image. With this knowledge, you can make the appropriate changes and may see up to a 30% change in those pages. 

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to engage your customers and provide the social support they need without having to hire a team to interact with customers around the clock. 

Working alongside artificial intelligence, these chatbots are capable of holding a basic conversation with website visitors and answer questions just like a live customer support person would. This is a cheaper alternative that also provides immediate support for your customers.

To determine what your customer needs, some chatbots will utilize a small survey or quiz that the customer can fill out during the chat. This will help determine what exactly they are looking for in their customer service experience and has great results. 

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Many people use their mobile phones when on the go to visit websites or search for information on one of the major search engines. When a customer utilizes their phone to visit your site, the amount of load time is very important because the user may get frustrated and quit the process if it takes to long to load. 

Without having a fast enough load time the customers' chances of using your site are abandoned and you have lost that opportunity from them. The need to have an accelerated mobile page is very important to keep up with the modern-day customer. 

Start Taking Advantage of these Marketing Trends Today!

These are just a few of the innovative marketing trends that we are seeing today. Do not let your business get left behind by not taking advantage of today's new marketing techniques!

For more business marketing strategies and ideas, check out how you can increase your business potential! 

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