5 Great Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Content for Your Business

March 15, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Instagram has over one billion active monthly usersYou can include video, images, and text on Instagram. This makes the social media platform a highly effective marketing tool for every business.

If you want to reach out to new audiences or if you're eager to promote your products online, Instagram should be at the heart of it.

Check out our top 5 tips for creating engaging Instagram content for your business. Let's get started below!

1. Stick to a Consistent Theme

On Instagram, everything has to look beautiful. You don't want to chop and change your theme and color palette all the time.

You may have a wide range of images. For example, you may mix pictures of your products with brand logos and snaps of happy customers. 

Yet, you shouldn't move too far away from your theme. Select a few main colors which can be spotted throughout your Instagram.


2. Make the Most of Hashtags

Hashtags of the bread and butter of Instagram. When you use a #hashtag you tag together a bunch of other images under the same umbrella. 

This helps to drive your Instagram account beyond your niche audience. By branching out beyond your target, you can reach other prospective customers.

We also know that the data shows us that images with hashtags enjoy more "likes". Don't go overboard with hashtags since this can damage the appearance of your brand.


3. Friendly Competition Never Hurts 

You want to engage your followers beyond merely "likes" and comments. So, how can you really suck your audience into your Instagram?

One answer is through contests and competitions!

People love the chance to win a free prize. If you promote a contest with a hashtag and image you can really create momentum for a new product range or rebranding exercise.


4. Urge User Generated Content

What if you discovered that you don't have to generate the content on your Instagram by yourself? Yes, you can get your audience to do it for you. Do you sell furniture?

Ask your audience to post images of your furniture being used in their home. As long as they promote this on their social media with your chosen hashtag, you're golden

5. Make Regular Posting Times

Everyone wants to know when is the best time to post on Instagram. There is a lot of research which doesn't give any clear answer.

Yet, the most important thing is to stay regular and consistent. That means if you told your audience that you'd post an Instagram story every Tuesday, don't miss a Tuesday for any reason!


Do you want to learn more about how to promote your events online for free? Check out our blog post here!

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