5 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of a Small Venue

July 24, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As a New York event planner, your mission is to curate incredible and memorable experiences, no matter what the event setting. But when you’re working with a small event venue, it can be challenging to bring in big elements and designs without cramping the space. So, in these smaller venue scenarios, you’re going to have to get creative about making a big impression in a tiny setting. And today, we’re sharing some brilliant ways you can make the most of small New York venues and still create a monumental event experience.

1. Use Color to Open a Tiny Space

Consider using color combinations to your advantage when event planning in a small venue. For example, stick with lighter colors, pastels, and various shades of white and beige. The lighter tones can open up the feeling of a space. And these shades can always be elevated with golds and silvers to add elegance.

2. Round Tables Over Rectangular Tables

When you’re limited on space, you might be advised to use longer rectangular tables for meal service to fit more people. But typically, round tables are a better fit for small event venues. You can still accommodate guests for meal service. But the round tables give the impression that there is more room, not cramping guests. Get creative about arranging your tables and choosing various sizes and heights for the space.

3. Lose the Ceiling Décor

If your New York venue is smaller in size and scale, go ahead and skip the ceiling décor. Too much in the way of designs and aesthetics can become too “busy” and make a space feel smaller. Instead, use smart lighting or light designs to add character and event vibes. And leave the decorations for entryways, stages, or wall décor.

4. Avoid the Tall and Elaborate Centerpieces

Another event planning element that impacts how big or small an event venue feels to guests is the centerpiece. If you choose to design elaborate centerpieces, you could be reducing visibility between guests. Consider more minimalist designs and short-statured centerpieces instead. You can still bring elegance to each table without overburdening the space or cramping the feel of the venue.

5. Stick with Open Floor Plans

Whenever possible, choose the smaller event venue that has an open floor plan. The more open a space is, the easier it will be for you, as the event planner, to get creative with the designs. Small venues are still great event canvases for planners to work with, especially when you have more open-air space. From there, you can incorporate brilliant designs to make it spectacular!

New York event planners can still design incredible New York events in small venues. Keep these suggestions in mind as you curate your events. And get your tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2023 now to get in the room with thousands of event professionals to learn even more tips, trends, and event planning ideas!

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