5 Master of Ceremonies Hacks That Will Make You Rock Your Next MC Event

March 15, 2022 Jessica Stewart

If you're hosting an event or party, it's important to create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

The host, or master of ceremonies (MC), has a big responsibility to attendees of your event. Here are five hacks to help you bring life to the party.

1. Strong Preparation

If you want a strong performance, you'll need strong preparation. Prepare for the event with these tasks:

  • Research
  • Rehearse
  • Stay organized

Your research should include knowing the client, event, and your role. Are they looking for someone who has jokes? Do they need a more polished and professional appearance?

Always practice your lines, jokes, and body language. Do a mock run to see how long things will take. If you go too quickly, the event will be over before people are seated. If you go too slowly, people will get restless.

A good way to stay on topic and keep pacing is by having notes. By staying organized, you can effectively segue from each part of the show. 

2. Win the Crowd

When you go up on stage and see your audience, your first objective should be to win the crowd. You can do this while you introduce yourself or immediately afterward.

Knowing your audience will help you strategically place a joke or comment that gets the crowd to like you.

Winning the crowd and setting a positive tone can make or break your night.

3. Dress for Success

For fancy dinner events, you might need to wear a suit or even a tuxedo. Dress to match the atmosphere of your client.

A client should give you notes and guidelines on how to dress and things not to say, but it's not always obvious.

Events on the beach will require a vastly different dress code than hosting the Emmy Awards. If you don't know, the best thing to do is ask.

4. A Master of Ceremonies Should Expect the Unexpected

A night with multiple speakers, guests, and performances can yield unexpected happenings. Like live television, there are no cuts or edits.

Part of your job as MC is to make transitions smooth or help uncomfortable events ferry to normalcy.

You have to remain calm and work with the event planner or staff to ensure the good times continue.

5. Finish Strong

Your closing should embody the spirit of the event and recap any information or messages.

Show your gratitude by thanking the audience and all the staff behind the scenes. Everyone put a lot of work into the show and should share some of the credit.

The closing remarks should include announcements and any key information for the attendees. 

Whether it's a sign-off or good joke, make your final words memorable and fun. 

Closing Remarks

The honor of being a master of ceremonies carries a lot of responsibility to ensure guests and speakers are having a great time.

If you're ready for the next level of event hosting, contact us to cater to your MC needs. 


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