5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Wedding Planner for You

August 5, 2019 Mario Stewart

Wedding bliss or wedding stress?

A recent survey by Zola claimed 71% of couples found wedding planning to be more stressful than major life events. Almost 50% considered forgoing a wedding altogether and eloping.

Hiring a wedding planner eliminates a significant amount of wedding details you have to worry about, making the entire process much more enjoyable.

How can you determine if someone is the best fit for your special day? We've outlined five steps to hiring the perfect wedding planner below.

1. Determine Basic Wedding Details
Before you even start the wedding planner search, get your wedding details locked down. This includes:

  Your preferred wedding date
​  Estimated number of guests
  Wedding budget

You and your fiancé should discuss important elements to incorporate into your wedding. This includes family traditions, color schemes, and location.

If you have a specific venue in mind, book it without your planner. If you're open and want help through the venue selection process, wait until you have a wedding planner hired.

2. Ask the Right Questions
When hiring a professional wedding planner, ask detailed questions to ensure it's the best fit for you and your fiancé.

First things first, address availability. Make sure your wedding planner can accommodate your anticipated wedding date and is able to take you on as a client.

Next, inquire about your prospective wedding planner's experience and work ethic. Key questions include:

  Why did you decide to become a wedding planner?
  How would you rate your problem-solving and communication skills?
  How long have you been in the industry
  Are we required to book from your recommended wedding vendors or can we hire anyone we want?
  What kind of planning do you offer and what are your rates?
  Do you have a backup plan if an emergency prevents you from being present at our wedding
  Will you be at our entire wedding? If not, what will your schedule be?

These inquiries allow you to determine if your wedding planner is well experienced and can accommodate your big day.

3. Coordinate Your Schedules
Select a wedding planner with a schedule that fits you and your fiancé. If your wedding planner is only part-time, find out what hours he or she will be available.

You should seek someone who is flexible and can meet up at local places. If you work during the week and have more availability for wedding planning on nights and weekends, find a planner with similar consultation times.

4. Seek Someone with Similar Interests 
You need to feel comfortable around your wedding planner. This person is sharing in your special day, so it's important to trust their work.

Your wedding planner should want to learn about how you and your fiancé met and the road that led to this day. They should share similar interests and understand exactly what you're envisioning for your wedding.

Pick someone with good communication and who makes you and your fiancé feel heard. He or she should listen to what you want and come up with creative menu ideas and decor options to achieve your wedding goals.

Keep budget in mind as you go through your hiring process. You need a planner who acknowledges your limitations and won't go overboard.

5. Outline Your Scope of Work
Once you have a solid candidate, outline the scope of work you expect. This should be formally written proposal that acts as a contract. Include everything you expect your wedding planner to deliver.

Once you and your planner have signed your scope of work and you've put down any necessary deposits, you've officially hired your wedding planner.

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Hiring a wedding planner can be stressful, but once you've found the perfect one all of your wedding stress should be well-handled. That's the beauty of hired help!

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