3 Effective Team Building Activities for Corporate Event Planners

July 5, 2019 Susan Serena

The general outlook of the corporate world looks stressful, hurried, and time-consuming. When you start to see your employee’s shoulders shrugging or sagging, a little bit of a boost is needed to charge them back up and encourage them to take joy in their work again. Managing various personalities and detecting when it’s time to amplify the staff’s ambition is a crucial task for management, but it’s a much needed one.

Employee welfare-oriented organizations often reach out to corporate event planners to request they plan some team building activities for their employees. The staff can take advantage of this opportunity to de-stress themselves and bond with coworkers as businesses leverage from building up a stronger staff through team spirit. These team building events are really effective to get your team back on track and work together to achieve the company’s end goals.

Let’s go over some of the more effective team building activities for corporate event planners to use for events.

3 Effective Team Building Ideas for Corporate Event Planners

1. Challenge: Pipeline Design. This is an excellent challenge for the staff because it entails various planning and construction stages. If you’re looking to get employees from multiple departments to learn to collaborate this is the perfect activity for you.

In this game, you will create small groups of staff members and have each group find whatever supplies they can to design a pipeline that will be used to transport a rolling object (usually a marble) across the two ends, from one side to the other. The idea is to divide and conquer. The small groups will scurry to find objects while energy and excitement builds towards what’s to come. They then gather together to put the pipeline together and make sure it’s strong and sturdy enough to allow the rolling object to transport without falling.

See what we did there? That’s right. Teamwork makes the pipeline work when the entire team works together to develop the strength and success of the company while enjoying their time together getting it there.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. Here’s a no-frills game that can really push collaboration amongst your staff. You’ll divide them into teams and then ask each team to create 3 subgroups.

Subgroup 1- Will be the group that is provided with an image of the assembled puzzle.

Subgroup 2 – Will be the group with the puzzle pieces.

Subgroup 3 – Will be assigned the task of putting the puzzle together, but with only 5 pieces at a time. They’re allowed to trade puzzle pieces with the group that holds all the puzzle pieces (subgroup 2), but they can only ask for 5 pieces at a time until they begin matching pieces together. Subgroup 1 can assist by describing the image but can never show what the finalized image is supposed to look like.

This is an effective team building activity for corporate event planners to present because of the excellent communication skills and collaboration that is needed to strategically complete their end goal.

3. Myers-Briggs. For those who have never heard about this standardized personality test, it’s one that helps companies learn more about the types of personalities that exist on their staff. It’s an effective tool that is mostly used to understand your staff’s preferred style of communication along with their favored way of learning and making decisions.

If the company has been noticing an increase in miscommunication between staff members, testing personality strengths and weaknesses will be a very effective team building activity for corporate event planners to choose from.

You can select up to 20-30 staff members (less staff members are fine, but not more) in order to make the test work at its best. The end result of the Myers-Briggs test will demonstrate how good or bad your overall team dynamic is structured.


When corporate event planners are called upon to organize a team building event, more times than not, it’s to serve two purposes. To host a corporate event to boost team spirit, and work on a tactic that will strengthen the staff. The key to successfully organizing a team building event is to select activities that are effective towards the area the company is looking to improve on.

The first question to ask a client who is requesting that a team building event be organized would be, “what areas do you feel can use improvement amongst your staff members?” Or, “what areas of the business are not doing well?” Then you’ll know to choose activities that will help the needed areas and serve the team building purpose.

For more corporate event ideas that will improve your overall staff dynamic and business operations, be sure to check the event planning tips on our blog each week.


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