5 Storytelling Techniques to Use When Planning Your Next Event (2020)

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

75% of millennials favor experiences that offer value over things. If you want people to come to your event, you need to create an impactful experience. 

You want to create an event that has people talking and will inspire them. To do that, you need to use storytelling techniques. Below we will review some techniques you can use to engage your audience. 

1. Hook Them

Right from the beginning, you want to grab the attention of your audience. You want them to be invested. This could be at the start of the event, or when you first send out the notice about the event.

You need to create a message they can sink their teeth into. Establish why this event is important and why it's a must-see event. 

The important thing is to garner interest in what you're doing and then keep it. 

2. Know Your Audience

If you don't know who you're tailoring your content to you'll be in trouble. To send a message that people will relate to and get behind, you need to know who you're selling that message to. 

Telling a generic story that could pertain to anyone won't get people behind you. Find out why your audience showed up in the first place and what they're interested in learning about. 

If you've invited your employees to the event, tailor your stories around the space that they work. Don't make the stories long-winded otherwise they could lose interest. 

3. Connect with Your Audience

Not only do the stories need to be relatable, but they need to grab at the heartstrings of your audience. You want them to care about what you're talking about and become emotionally invested. 

4. Make it Immersive

Making your event immersive will get your audience more engaged. 

You can use many mediums. For example, slide presentations, videos, and images. This will build interest and help them remember all the information they receive. 

You can add audience participation. This could be having hands-on projects they can work on during the event. Alternately, it could be a Q&A session where they can ask about any concerns they may have. 

If you're selling a product, the hands-on tactic works great. It'll allow people to try the products which can get them excited about what you're selling. You'll get quick feedback on what people think about it. 

A Q&A session can help lay to bed any wariness or uncertainty people have with your company. It can help build trust. 

5. Have Structure

When you're constructing your story, make sure it flows. You'll want a beginning, middle, and end like any good story. Don't fall flat on the ending, this is what your audience will be left with.

Start by focusing on the problem. What exactly are you trying to solve?

Next, focus on the journey you'll take that will lead you to the solution. This is a good place to add in relevant workplace stories.

Finish with solving your mission. The conclusion is what people will walk away with. If it's underwhelming all that work you put into everything else could fall apart. 

Perhaps the mission isn't fully complete. At this point, you can say there is more to come, that the journey has not yet ended. Make sure your audience knows you'll keep them informed and not in the dark.  

Storytelling Techniques You Can Take to the Bank

Using good storytelling techniques will make your event the talk of the town. When people care about your product, they'll become invested in it and will tell others about it. 

Perhaps you'll have an even larger audience the next time you host an event. To learn more on how to grow your audience, attend The Event Planner Expo.


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