5 Team-Building and Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Your Next Event

March 15, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Team working has "never been more important" according to Janine Schindler, a Forbes Councils Member. She argues that team working is so much better than top management dictating the way forward. Fast-moving, idea-hungry organizations need less control and more collaboration. 

When you are planning corporate events don't miss the opportunity for team building. Read on to learn about 5 corporate event ideas that are fun and build the team.

Corporate Event Ideas for Developing Team Working

Developing team working isn't just about having a fun activity. It's a learning activity. Take the opportunity to debrief activities with people.

Once the activity is completed ask people to reflect on what worked well and what didn't. Ask them what they would do differently and what they would do the same way. Finally ask people to discuss what this learning means for the team back in the real-world workplace.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Every team building event needs an icebreaker exercise. It's a chance to get the conversations flowing and breakdown some barriers.

The group starts by sitting in a circle. Each person takes a turn to say a little about themselves to the group. Then they make three statements about themselves. Two of them have to be true and one of them is a lie.

The rest of the group then discusses the statements. They then arrive at a consensus as to which one of the statements is the lie. The result can be fun, intriguing and a way into finding out more about the person.

The strange thing about this activity is that while the focus starts with discovering the lie, what's really interesting is the strange but true things people reveal about themselves. It can spark off more conversations and connections later.

2. Draw Your Life

Issue all the team members with a sheet of flip chart paper and a marker. Invite them to tell their life story in 6 cartoons. The last picture should be their visual representation of what they want out of this event.

It doesn't matter is they can't draw very well. Half the fun is in interpreting the strange drawings.

3. Build a Tower of Spaghetti

Building things together is a great metaphor for work-based projects. This team-building activity is simple to set up, cheap and lots of fun. It also provides an opportunity to combine teamwork with competition.

Divide the group into small teams of 3 to 5 people. Each team is issued with a pack of dry spaghetti and a roll of Scotch tape. Each team has 30 minutes to design and build a tower. The winning team is the one whose tower is tallest.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle

Have several copies of the same jigsaw puzzle arranged around the room. Allocate a team to each puzzle. The aim of the activity is to be the first team to complete the puzzle.

Allocate time during the event for work on the puzzle. Disrupt things by changing team members around from time to time. Review the activity and discuss what the team changes did for team spirit and continuity.

5. Who Am I?

Attach a Post-it note to each participants' back. The note should bear the name of a famous person. The participants wander the room, meeting people and asking questions about the identity of the person names on their back.

The aim of the game is to discover the name. In the meantime, some barriers are broken down. This can be the start of great relationships and team working later in the event.

Have Fun

These team building activities could be the answer to your need for corporate event ideas. They can help establish communication, build team working and make learning fun too.

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