5 Things Event Planners Wish You Knew About New York

December 27, 2022 Susan Serena

New York is an even bigger city than you might think, and it can be intimidating at first. But there are plenty of things to do, places to go and people to meet.

In fact, there are so many things to do in New York that it can be hard to choose what’s right for you.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of things that event planners in New York wish you knew and that will help you make the most of your visit.

New York is bigger thank you think.

If you've ever visited New York, you know that it is big. But do you know how big? It's the largest city in the United States and one of the biggest in the world. With more than 8 million people living here, NY is a huge hub for business, entertainment, culture and tourism—and it's home to some pretty famous landmarks (hello Times Square!).

But don't let its size intimidate you! Despite being one of America's largest cities at over 8.2 million people (followed by LA & Chicago), New York City still feels like a small town with plenty of personality and charm to spare.

If I have any advice for someone traveling to NYC for their first time: don't be afraid of getting lost. Getting lost is fun!

There's more to New York than Manhattan.

If you know anything about New York, it's probably that Manhattan is the center of the universe. But there are five boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and New Jersey) and many more upstate cities like Albany and Syracuse that all have their own distinct personalities and character. You might be surprised to learn that these areas are collectively known as "the outer boroughs."

There are so many cool things to do in the surrounding areas: you can explore art galleries in Williamsburg or grab some sushi on Long Island; take an architectural tour around Hell's Kitchen; see a Broadway show at Newark's New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC); or visit Bryant Park's Summer Film Festival with your friends.

New York has more than one airport.

Like all major cities, New York has more than one airport.

You should know about the other airports in and around New York City, because they're well worth considering when you're planning your trip. The three major airports are John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

JFK is the largest of the three and has flights to just about everywhere in the world. It's also considered one of the busiest airports in America.

EWR is located just outside of New York City. It's home to many low-cost airlines like Spirit Airlines and JetBlue, who often have great deals on flights to NYC.

LaGuardia is the smallest of New York City's three airports, but it's still a great option if you're flying into or out of the city. It has flights to many domestic and international destinations, though they're not as frequent as JFK and EWR.

The city is huge and finding event planners in New York City can be difficult.

If you're planning an event in New York, we recommend that you do some research on the companies you're interested in and reach out to them directly. That way, you can get a feel for their services and see if they're a good fit for your event.

While it may seem like an expensive option, hiring an event planner in New York can really save you time and energy in the long run. Plus, when it comes to large events, having someone on your team who specializes in event planning can help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch! They'll do all the legwork before your big day arrives and then pass on any savings they may have found.

Come with a list of questions.

If you're planning an event in New York City, it's important to come prepared with a list of questions. This will help you to get a feel for the company and make sure they're a good fit.

You should ask about their experience and how many events they've done in the past. It's also important to find out if they have any additional staff on hand if something goes wrong at your event.

Make sure you ask your list of questions while they're working on your itinerary and strategy. This is a great way to ensure that you can trust your event planner in New York and know that they'll do everything possible to make sure nothing goes wrong at your event.

Don't be thrown by the size and complexity of New York.

The city is huge, and it can take hours to get from one end to the other. You may have to switch subway lines several times before getting to your destination; you may even have to walk a few blocks in between trains!

Don't let this throw you off your game. It just means that it's important for you to plan ahead, so that when things don't go according to plan, it won't affect your day too much.


We hope this post has helped you understand what it's like to plan an event in New York. It can be intimidating for sure, but if you come prepared with the right questions and a few tips and tricks of your own, you'll find that it's not as hard as people think!

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