5 Ways to Land More Fundraising Event Clients

June 12, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event planners in New York specialize in a variety of niches. Some are more focused on social events, while others devote their businesses to corporate event organization. So, for those of you who consider yourselves available for event planning partnerships for fundraising events, this blog is for you.

If you’re interested in learning how to land more fundraising clients and how to market your event planning services to attract these decision-makers, keep reading. We’ll highlight what you need to be promoting to get the attention of those who need help with big fundraisers, charity auctions, and community causes. 

Demonstrate Your Ability to Provide Guest Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to a successful fundraising event, the tally of funds procured at the end of the night will determine whether or not it was successful. As an event planner, you can speak to this outcome by demonstrating your ability to promote an event that will attract the right guests, not just any guests. These events are all about bringing in people who can and are willing to donate. Getting 1,000 people to show up won’t matter if only 20 of them contribute. Show these fundraiser decision-makers how you can bring in the quality, not just the quantity of guests.

Showcase Your Commitment to New York Causes

Fundraising is usually tied to a charity or local community cause. Those in charge of making decisions for those events tend to want to work with vendors and providers who are just as passionate about New York City interests as they are. In marketing to this audience, be open about those causes your event planning business supports and those that are personally important to you. 

Build a Portfolio of Fundraising Events You’ve Planned

A fundraising event is usually built around a monetary collection goal, which is something organizers take very seriously. They won’t want to work with a rookie when an event this important to them and contributions are at stake. With your marketing plan, build a portfolio of events you’ve successfully planned in the past that align with similar interests, fundraising niches, or those that have relied on contributions. It will help establish your experience with such events and likely position you to land the new client.

Highlight Your Strategic Connections

In New York, who you know matters. As a New York event planner, it’s your connections that can boost your authority. Highlight your available network of resources for everything from venues and catering to entertainment and well-connected businesspeople. It’s not about bragging. It’s more about highlighting the benefits of working with you. Your clients can tap into your impressive network of connections to ensure a smooth event planning process from start to finish. 

Show Them Some of Your Past Guest Speakers

A lot of fundraising events rely on top talent performers and revolutionary guest speakers to attract attendees. When marketing to fundraising decision-makers, share any impressive details about keynote speakers you’ve booked in the past or high-profile entertainers you’ve worked with at other events. It will show them your ability to think big when planning a big-ticket fundraising event.

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