5 Ways to Streamline Your Event Registration Processes

September 1, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As excited as your corporate event guests are about attending your upcoming conference or meeting, there’s one aspect they’re dreading and NOT telling you. 

No one enjoys the registration and event check-in process. 

Seriously - no one.

As a New York event planner in charge of organizing these brilliant conferences, trade shows, product launches, and corporate events, it’s also your job to make the event registration process as frictionless as possible. And today, we’re sharing how today’s professionals are streamlining this not-so-favorite step in the overall event experience.

Customize Registration to Your Attendees

Your New York events are each going to have a different invite list and audience. So, it’s best to start with knowing your audience first to create a customized event registration process that resonates with them. For example, if your guest list is composed of retirees, you might want to include both a digital method and an in-person method at the event. Carve out a quick registration process for your speakers and exhibitors, separate from the general attendee roster. Student attendees might have discounts or digital engagement preferences, too. Just recognize who your audience is and create an in-touch process that makes registering easy, convenient, and simple.

Remove Event Registration Obstacles

Walk through your own event registration process and look for bottlenecks, delays, questions, or barriers. You can then streamline those points in the process for improved experiences for your guests. Here are some solutions to consider adopting as well:

  • Designate one person as your event registration liaison or coordinator.
  • Make any registration forms digital downloads and as emails.
  • Commit to an immediate response time to event registration inquiries.

Remove Unnecessary Redundancies

Nothing is more infuriating to an event guest than having to fill out multiple forms or online form fields with the same questions or prompts. Look through your forms, both physical and digital, to spot redundancies you can remove. Also, verify that the information you’re asking for is essential and relevant. And get an outside opinion to review your event registration forms to spot any areas that seem confusing or misunderstood.

Communicating Consistent Event Registration Times and Deadlines

Streamlining the event registration process isn’t just good practice for your guests; it’s beneficial for you as the event organizer, too. You’re not going to have the time to chase down exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and guests, asking them to complete their registration forms. So, be over-communicative prior to the event about connecting people to your registrations in a timely manner. Be transparent and send reminders about registration times at the event and deadlines for registering before the event date, too.

Consider Incentivizing Early Registration

It’s not uncommon for New York event planners to incentivize their corporate events and conferences. But don’t just dangle discounts for tickets. You can also incentivize the registration process and provide gifts, perks, or discounts for those who successfully register ahead of time. Market these incentives while you’re sending out the event registration details and build excitement for those who follow through on time.

Start improving your overall corporate event registration processes with these trending insights. Doing so will also improve your attendees’ experiences. And for more event-boosting insights from top industry experts, secure your All Access pass to NYC’s Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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