6 Family-Friendly Party Themes for Those Upcoming Social Events

August 15, 2022 Desiree Homer

New York event planners are always on the hunt for new and emerging event themes, trends that attendees love, and innovative new ways to host events. We’ll keep up with that ongoing conversation today by focusing on incredible themes for those family-friendly social events on your calendar right now. 

With children present, you know there are entirely new dynamics to any event, from weddings to bar/bat mitzvahs and beyond. You’ll want the adults to have fun, of course. But you’ll also need to consider the needs of the young ones in attendance. Entertainment, menu options, and even seating are all going to require specific attention from you as the hosting event planner. 

Keep reading to tap into some fresh inspiration regarding themes and aesthetics for those family-friendly celebrations on the books.

1. Carnival & Circus Themes

Carnivals and circuses are fun for the whole family. So, it only makes sense that similar themes for upcoming events would be equally accepted by attendees of all ages! Get creative with your event’s décor, maybe even include a big top tent or fun house experiences. If you’re outdoors, you might even be able to book a local petting zoo of traveling animals. The adults will enjoy the young-at-heart ambiance of circus fun. And, of course, the littles will be well entertained, especially if you bring in face-painting services, balloon animal clowns, or camel rides, too!

2. ‘Wizard of Oz’

There’s no place like home is a great theme for a family social event. And the classic movie is one that resonates with guests young and old. From ruby red slipper table centerpieces to brilliant rainbows and yellow brick road designs, everyone will feel nostalgic. Depending on the venue, you might even be able to create “black and white” sections of ambiance, amid the bright colored settings, just like in the movie! For the littles, consider assembling an all-star cast of characters ready to perform, including Glinda the Good Witch, Dorothy and company, the Wicked Witch of the West, a few flying monkeys, and even the Lollipop Guild!

3. Nautical Days at the Beach

If you’re planning a family event during the blistering cold winter months in New York City, a nautical “day at the beach” theme might be the perfect setting to warm up a crowd! Your décor options are endless, with mermaids, colorful fish patterns, and seashells galore. But you can also explore setting up sandboxes the littles can practice their sand-castle skills in, too. Beach towels make great door prizes, and the adults can imagine themselves basking in the warm sun with tiny umbrella drinks. 

4. Game Show or Family Game Night Themes

Maybe you can bring the element of “family game night” to life with your next New York event. Imagine your venue separated into several different game show themes, appealing to both adults and children. You could even include a Family Feud game as the main event! Think bag toss, Connect Four, and Candy Land ideas for the kids. And keep the adults entertained with trivia, Pictionary-type games, and perhaps some casino-themed card games.

5. Jungles & Safaris

Maybe your upcoming New York event calls for something grander and more elaborate as a theme. And the jungle adventures or safari themes are always a hit! Bring in colorful or exotic plant decors and have jungle sounds welcome guests as they enter. Incorporate all the big animals that kids love, including elephants, giraffes, and zebras, as decorations, of course. And maybe put together a safari-based scavenger hunt for them to be entertained over the duration of the event. 

6. Out of This World Themes

Some events warrant out-of-this-world transportation, and space or galaxy-themed events are super fun to plan, too! Your décor will include planets, stars, and brilliant lights. Incorporate NASA elements, like spaceships or zero-gravity experiences. And these themes will allow you to explore educational elements for the kids, maybe with books to take home or imitation moon rocks. 

Now that your event planning creative juices are flowing, you can start coordinating your upcoming social events. And these family-friendly event themes can be great for a variety of occasions and celebrations. 

For more insights into your New York event planning business, make sure you get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October! The best and brightest minds will be there, eager to share and collaborate!

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