6 Inspirational Ideas for Throwing a Customer Appreciation Event

July 26, 2023 Mario Stewart

Let’s talk about customer appreciation event planning. Whether you’re considering hosting your own to celebrate your events business patrons or you’re curating a customer appreciation event for a client, you’ll need some inspiration. This particular event represents a unique opportunity to not only demonstrate gratitude to paying customers. If executed perfectly, it can lead to recurring business, additional client referrals, and more revenue. 

Get inspired today as we share some brilliant customer appreciation event ideas you can use to make your corporate events magnificent, memorable, and lucrative.

1. Consider Hosting Informational or Educational Events

Look for ways to promise loyal clients (and event attendees) something special just for them. Maybe it’s a freebie, something innovative, or an exclusive information session. Host educational events with demonstrations or presentations that offer value to those appreciated clients. Here are some potential topics to consider that might resonate for your client appreciation event audience…

  • Business or Industry Innovations
  • Marketing Solutions or Tools
  • Technology-based Sampling
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Fintech or Finance Expertise

2. You Can’t Go Wrong with a Client Appreciation Golf Outing

It’s not uncommon for clients to appreciate a relaxing day on the back nine. Brands host golf outings and friendly competition tournaments all the time. These types of events are great for assembling customers and guests in a comfortable environment where high-value networking and relationship-building can take place. Find a great NYC course and start planning your summer client appreciation event on the greens! Check around for availability at any of these popular NYC courses…

  • Clearview Park Golf Course
  • Douglaston Golf Course
  • Dyker Beach Golf Course
  • Forest Park Golf Course
  • Kissena Golf Course
  • LaTourette Golf Course

3. Throw a Happy-Hour Client Appreciation Event

Start hosting client appreciation receptions on the regular with a routine schedule of after-hours appreciation get-togethers. Invite clients and guests to new and popular hotspots around NYC for a complimentary cocktail hour and appetizers. It’s a great way to demonstrate client gratitude ongoing. And those who maybe can’t make it to one event can find time to stop by at next month’s event. Build fun and excitement around the engagements and send reminders via email and social media. Here are just a few trending NYC venues that are great for after-hour events…

  • Tribeca Rooftop + 360
  • Midtown Loft & Terrace
  • Lavan Chelsea NYC
  • 620 Loft & Garden
  • Space 54

4. Reward Clients with Food Tastings and Pairing Events

Host a customer appreciation event that involves delectable food tastings and wine pairing! And don’t forget to book the snacks and appetizers! There are a host of winery experiences to explore in New York City. And it’s a great way to assemble customers and guests in a conversational and relaxed atmosphere. Explore wine, beer, bourbon, or champagne tasting events at some of these area wineries…

  • Gotham Winery
  • Tastings NYC
  • City Winery NYC
  • The Red Hook Winery
  • NYC Wine Company
  • Crush Wine Experiences

5. Host a Formal Client Appreciation Dinner

Roll out the red-carpet treatment for a more formal client appreciation dinner. Invite the most loyal clients and their guests for an exquisite meal, complimentary cocktails, and elevated networking. Include activations, door prizes, and a night of exciting entertainment. Consider some of these elevated New York City venues for hosting your private corporate events and client appreciation dinners…

  • 9 Jones
  • The Glasshouses
  • Gotham Hall
  • The Altman Building
  • The Prince George Ballroom

6. Host a Client Appreciation Wellness Event

Everyone is more conscious of health and wellness today. So, it’s always a great idea to host some kind of wellness-centered event to celebrate loyal clients. Whether it’s a physical adventure, like yoga in the park, or a dedicated traditional event with health experts as keynote speakers, it’s going to be a hit. Explore some of these wellness event ideas to serve as themes for your next client appreciation event…

  • Organic Cooking Classes
  • Hiking or Walking Challenges
  • Seminars About Meditation and Calming Techniques
  • Health Screening Fairs
  • Exercise and Fitness Conferences

Start tapping into the power of hosting client appreciation events. And get inspired by these ideas to make those events exciting and successful. Also, now’s the time to get your All-Access tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s NYC’s premier event for event planners and hospitality professionals. And it’s three full days of learning, high-energy networking, and revenue-boosting opportunities!

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