7 Gala Theme Ideas For The Year Of 2022

April 6, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Galas are important events for your organization and the members of your community that are invited. But these days, galas are a dime a dozen. 

Most of them follow the same format, require the same dress code, and feel uninspiring at a time when you need your guests to feel excited and motivated.

Luckily, it's easy to make your gala stand out from all the others taking place this year. There are countless gala theme ideas that will give your event purpose and flair.

As a result, your guest will be much more likely to attend. And when they arrive, they will be much more engaged with the evening's activities.

Below are seven of the best gala party theme ideas. Keep reading below to find one perfect for your upcoming gala event. 

1. The Oscars

Everyone wants an invite to the Oscars one day. Planning an Oscar-themed gala is a fun way to make your guests feel like they're at a prestigious event.

Ensure everyone arrives wearing their best black-tie outfits, and have your staff and volunteers wear Hollywood-inspired costumes. Decor and props should be focused on the entertainment world, tying into popular movies. 

2. Masquerade

One of the most popular gala ideas is the masquerade. Masquerade events naturally require guests to wear their nicest, formal attire. And the addition of masks allows guests to be creative.

Live music and ballroom dancing are great ways to round out your event.

3. Luau

You don't need to host your event in Hawaii to plan a Luau. But it does help.

If you're looking for a more casual event that takes place outdoors, preferably near a body of water, then a luau is perfect. Find a caterer experienced with luaus in order to provide a whole-roasted kalua pig, Hawaiian style.

Hula dancers, tiki torches, and vacation attire are all encouraged. 

4. Christmas

Party themes that tie into the holiday season are always a hit. If your gala is happening in December, then a Christmas-themed gala is a no-brainer.

Your event design and decor should be warm and inviting. It's ideal to choose a venue with a fireplace. Line the hall with Christmas trees and presents, and encourage guests to wear red.

5. Wine Tasting

Keep your guests engaged all night long by providing a wine-tasting gala theme. Partner with a local winery to supply and pour wine for the evening.

Give guests a gradient sheet to help them understand the different types of wine their drinking. Plan to offer between five and seven wines throughout the night as the events unfold. 

6. Auction

Auctions are always fun, especially if the stuff to be auctioned is relevant to your event. A silent auction is probably better for a gala, as guests are able to mingle while silently making bids as the night goes on. 

7. The Roaring 20s

Whether you describe your event as the roaring 20s, the prohibition, or the Great Gatsby, it's sure to be a hit. Vintage event themes require a vintage-inspired dress code. With speakeasy-era cocktails containing gin or whiskey, the night will roar on and guests won't soon forget it.

Gala Theme Ideas That Wow

There are countless gala theme ideas you can implement for your next event. The only limit is your imagination.

To ensure your event is a roaring success, start planning as early as possible. And don't forget to attend this year's Event Planner Expo, to gather new ideas for all your event planning needs, and to meet the vendors that will help you create an unforgettable experience.

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