7 Ice Breaker Ideas For A More Engaged Event

April 1, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event planners wear many hats to pull off an amazing event. When it comes to corporate conferences and training sessions, they must focus on participant engagement.

Imagine a room full of professionals, and they're only chatting with people they know. Right out the gate, the event can stall. Therefore, getting creative with ice breaker ideas is vital to an event's success.

When you know your audience will need a little prodding to open up and enjoy the moment, try these seven ice breakers for adults.

1. Ice Breaker Ideas Using Name Badges

Corporate events often require attendees to wear name badges. As part of their registration, have attendees share a favorite quote for the "Who Said That?" game. The quote, minus the author, gets printed on the badge.

The goal of the ice breaker is to get attendees to name the author and learn why it's the person's favorite quote. 

2. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are all the rage, and in today's event planning, social media gets incorporated in various ways. Each table must quickly find a trending Reels audio and create a Reels for this idea.

They can create it at their table or in front of backdrops located in the venue. The Reels are posted to the events Instagram page, and attendees vote on their favorite Reels using the heart button.

3. Where I'm From

"Where I'm from" ice breakers are great for global and virtual conferences. Attendees share three unique things about their hometown, state, or country. People then must guess where they're from.

4. College Game Day

Not every professional attended college, but most have a favorite college team. Participants provide the college mascot, and others ask for clues to name the correct school. 

5. Don't Call a Thing a Thing

Ice breaker ideas that get people to guess an answer are always popular. In this ice breaker, the goal is to share something of interest without calling it by its name. 

For example, you love your dog, but you can't say dog. Or you want to travel to space one day without naming planets. 

6. It's All in the Hashtag

Ice breakers for adults can be as serious or silly as you want them to be. In this ice breaker, participants ask each other questions. No matter the answer, the response is given as a hashtag. 

The game is a play on a social media trend that originated on Twitter

7. Sing the Lyrics

For our last ice breakers idea, come up with ten songs that everyone should know. Play popular snippets for about 10 to 15 seconds. If the participants recognize the lyrics, they stand up and sing along. 

Get creative and choose songs associated with popular dance moves.

Let's Break the Ice

Using creative ice breaker ideas at your next event is sure to get people talking. Stay abreast of what's trending and use it to engage your audience.

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